5 Relationship Lessons Every Couple Should Take From Karan Patel And Ankita Bhargava


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5 Relationship Lessons Every Couple Should Take From Karan Patel And Ankita Bhargava

Karan and Ankita’s hush-hush but grand wedding took the telly world by storm. They had a star-studded wedding on May 3, 2015, and since then they have been giving us some serious relationship goals. Karan and Ankita are a match made in heaven who were united on Earth by their friends and family. Here are some relationship lessons that you can take from this adorable couple.

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#1. Arranged marriages can be a good Idea

Looking at their chemistry, it is hard to accept that Ankita and Karan had an arranged marriage, but this is true. Karan and Ankita’s father, Abhay Bhargava, work for the same telly show, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. In fact, Abhay plays Karan’s on-screen father-in-law on the show. Little did anyone know that the on-screen son-in-law and father-in-law duo will play the same role in their real lives as well.

It was Aly Goni, Karan’s on-screen brother, who suggested the match and the rest was left to the families. Their families liked each other and agreed to the match, which was followed by a beautiful wedding. With the love and understanding they share, Karan and Ankita make us want to believe in the concept of arranged marriages.

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#2. The past is just the past

Karan and Ankita’s wedding came as a shock to many as no one had even the slightest idea that these two were planning to get hitched. Many people judged Karan as he had just broken up with his longtime girlfriend, Kamya Punjabi. People criticised Karan for moving on so quickly.

He faced a lot of negative comments, but Ankita stood by his side every time. She did not let his past haunt their present and that is the secret to a happy marriage that everyone must know.

#3. Rumours should be brushed off

Jealousy is as common as the common cold. If you are happy and famous, there will be people lurking around you to find the weak links. The same thing happened with Ankita and Karan. Even before they could complete a year of their wedding, speculations of their divorce started doing the rounds.

The couple did not pay any attention to these rumours. They went on with their lives happily, without giving a damn about what people were saying. They showed the world that if you trust your partner, no rumour or misunderstanding can come between you both.

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#4. Apologies make a relationship stronger

We are humans and bound to make mistakes. When two people love each other deeply, the things that are said and done hurt a little too much. This does not mean that there is no care. A few fights bring you closer. Karan’s lovely letter to his beloved wife Ankita, proves that we all do things that we aren’t proud of, but that doesn’t make our love any less sincere.

If you have made any mistake, apologise to your partner in the sweetest way and all will be well again!

#5. Opposites attract

Ankita herself confessed that she and Karan are exact opposites, but that did not keep them from falling in love with each other. Their choices might be different, but their commitment towards each other is of the same intensity.

If you and your partner have different preferences, do not let that hinder your relationship. Enjoy the similarities and respect the differences.

Relationships are fragile and should be nurtured with love and care. Ankita and Karan have proved time and again that when your love is genuine and pure, there is nothing that can stand between two people. We wish this beautiful couple all the luck and love in this world.

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