Rekha Regrets Not Having Children. Says A Woman Is Not Complete Without Being A Mother


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Rekha Regrets Not Having Children. Says A Woman Is Not Complete Without Being A Mother

Despite being a semi-recluse and keeping her personal life under the wraps, veteran actress Rekha has always been subjected to many affairs and speculations. The mystery around her personal life just doesn’t seem to fade away, ever. From her love rumours with Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Mehra and many others, to the story behind her wearing a sindoor without marriage, she always turns out to be a hot gossip of B-town. (Also Read: Rekha Wears 'Sindoor' Even After Her Husband's Suicide; Unfortunate Love Story Of Amitabh And Rekha)

In a flashback interview with the Filmfare in 1984, Bollywood’s enigmatic beauty Rekha revealed that she wants to have a lot of children, but she would never have one out of wedlock. Speaking candidly about having children, Umrao Jaan Rekha was quoted as saying, "My fantasy is to have lots of children. I hope it doesn't remain a fantasy. My mother always tells me to have a child by the time I'm 30. I think it's right. I want my children to physically grow with me. I don't think there will be a communication gap because I'm very forward. I think 100 years in advance."


Khubsoorat actress further added, "I enjoy the privacy of my home. But I want the emptiness of my houses to be filled with children. Just imagine, children running up the stairs. But I am determined not to have only two children, 12 minimum." In 1984, she stated, "I regret not being married, not having children. I see my friends, all younger than me, married with children, visually acha lata hai. I'd love my children to be Librans. You know I used to love being a Libran. But I met this Libran whom I loved even more." (Also Read: Vinod Mehra's Love Life: 3 Marriages, 2 Extramarital Affairs And An Alleged Marriage With Rekha)


However, she maintained that she wouldn't want children out of wedlock, and shared, "No, No I'll never have a child out of wedlock. Yes, it maybe for personal reasons because I have seen what my mother has gone through, bringing up children without a father. I won't deny a child that." She further continued, "Children these days are very selfish and demanding. At one and half months, they already know what's around them. The are aware. I wasn't aware till I was 16. You can't fool them. I don't know when I have a child. I might never have one. After all, children may tie me down to domesticated life, and I have other dreams too." (Also Read: Dusky Bollywood Divas Who Opted For Skin Lightening Treatment And Got Complete Makeover)

Rekha With Farah Khan's Triplets

Padma Shri awardee, Rekha went on to say, "I want to make good films. That's not a fantasy. Life is too satisfying. Yet, a woman is not complete without being a mother. But what guarantee is there that if I was to marry the man I love today, we would have children. There might be something wrong with you. One must be satisfied with what one has. I am very traditional. I just cannot think of having a child outside marriage. I am very old-fashioned. Maybe, I will change my mind tomorrow. It is a woman's prerogative to keep changing." (Also Read: The Alleged Love Affairs Of Akshay Kumar That Lead To Many Controversies)


Well, speculations and conjectures are nothing new in the industry, but  Rekha is and will always be an iconic diva of Bollywood.

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