Rekha Had Run Barefoot After Raj Babbar Who Broke Up With Her And Returned To His First Wife, Nadira

Throwback to the infamous affair of Rekha and Raj Babbar which ended in a full public showdown with the actress running barefoot behind him.


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Rekha Had Run Barefoot After Raj Babbar Who Broke Up With Her And Returned To His First Wife, Nadira

Throughout her long-lasting career span, Rekha has always been linked-up or rumoured to have had affairs with most of her co-stars. While she became a widow quite early in her life after her husband, Mukesh Aggarwal passed away by committing suicide, sadly, none of her affairs ever converted into a happily ever. Thus, even at the age of 68, she is single and still ruling the hearts of many. Speaking about her affairs, while nearly everyone is aware of her extra-marital relationship with Amitabh Bachchan, it is comparatively lesser-known that she was once in a serious affair with Raj Babbar, shortly after he had lost his second wife, Smita Patil.

Rekha’s affair with Raj Babbar after his second wife, Smita Patil passed away

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Rekha was romantically involved with her Agar Tum Na Hote co-star, Raj Babbar in 1986. The times were especially emotional for Raj who by then had just lost his beloved wife, Smita Patil after she gave birth to their son, Prateik Babbar. Rekha became quite close to Raj and was the shoulder of comfort for the actor who at this time was targeted brutally by both the families of first and second wives: Nadira Babbar and Smita Patil. According to many reports, Rekha comforted Raj Babbar when he was mourning, vulnerable and hurt.

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Raj Babbar’s sudden breakup with Rekha as he wished to go back to first wife, Nadira Babbar

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While it is not known exactly when and how the duo came together, however, as per multiple reports, their relationship was turbulent and short-lived. Incidentally, the duo knew that their relationship was not built on stable grounds and it was meant to be broken within a short while. And so, when Raj Babbar unexpectedly made up his mind to breakup with Rekha and go back to his first wife, Nadira, things did not seem to fit well with the Umrao Jaan actress.

Rekha ran barefoot after Raj Babbar broke up with her

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When Raj Babbar informed Rekha about breaking up with her, she was stunned and shocked beyond measure. While the last communication between the two was unknown, it was reported that they had a heated argument.Thereafter everyone in public was taken aback when they spotted Rekha running barefoot from where she met Raj for the last time towards the busy streets of Mumbai. It was quite startling for people to see such a legendary actress running on the roads barefoot and as if possessed.

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When Raj Babbar confessed being in a relationship with Rekha that helped him emotionally

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While these two leading actors back in the days had kept mum about their relationship to the world around them, it was years later when Raj Babbar reminisced the old memories with his ex-flame, Rekha. On the other hand, Rekha always rubbished such reports of ever being in a relationship with Raj Babbar. Incidentally, Raj called it as phase of emotional growth where the two of them came together amidst shared grief. In his words:

“Yes, our relationship helped me in a way. We drifted together because of certain circumstances. At that time, Rekha had broken off from a long-standing relationship. She wanted to get away from it. I was in a similar situation. At the same time, we were also working together and we clung to each other for emotional support. We tried to understand each other’s problems. The feelings for her are always there, though the arrogance is not, it is all in the past now. I had a person with whom I shared my emotional moments. I was there to share her emotional moments. One does not forget such a relationship very easily. Though we aren’t together today, we still have fond memories of those special moments.”

What do you think about this unheard tale of love between Rekha and Raj Babbar?

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