7 Compelling Reasons Why Couples Should Not Hit The Gym Together


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7 Compelling Reasons Why Couples Should Not Hit The Gym Together

Be it movie dates, eating out at different places or taking romantic strolls together; the pleasure of having your loved one‘s company is simply great. And, that has given rise to the newest fad among young urban couples to have some ‘we’ time even at the gym. However, working out together with your partner is not always as much fun and appealing as it sounds.

Sweating out with your sweetie is cool to picturise, but then, there are certain reasons why burning calories and coochie-cooing should not go hand in hand. So, read on to find out what these reasons are.

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#1. Constant feedback is not always good

couples not work out together gym

At the gym we are sure you would like to have some motivation, and not lose it. But, if your better half is more evaluative of what you are doing than his/her own fitness goals, it is surely going to affect your performance. Imagine them looking at you and saying, “You are not doing it right. Let me show you how it is done.” Feedbacks no doubt, give you a scope of improvement. But, constantly facing your partner’s criticism and instructions will only deteriorate your willpower.

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#2. Competitive approach

couples not work out together gym

As if those heavy weights and machines were not enough, now you have an additional burden of matching up to the goals set by your partner. While he may be there to just bulk up, you may be there to attain that slim and trim waist. Or she might be there to tone up her thighs, while you are there to get six pack abs. Also, gym sessions require you to work at your own pace to achieve the set targets. But, being with your partner, you may try to take up exercises, that you may not be able to otherwise.

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#3. The guilt trip

couples not work out together gym

Your partner loving the gym as much as you do is something common to you both. But, your timings of working out may not be the same. So, why to put that extra effort to fit into each other’s schedule? It only adds to your stress levels. For instance, your boyfriend may be a gym rat, while you may be okay skipping out on a few of your classes. And, if you are married, your kids may become your first priority, which might not be the case for your fitness freak husband. 

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#4. Make the most of your ‘me time'

couples not work out together gym

To have your special someone around is important, but so is ‘going solo’. That space to rejuvenate and unwind yourself becomes a must at times. We agree, you hit the gym with an intention to sweat it out, but it soon turns into a 'lovers spot'! Talking while on the treadmill or eyeing each other across the gym is not a healthy approach to your set targets. This way, you are not giving your best to your body and to your lover either. So, next time, see that you are alone to release those endorphins.

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#5. The perils of romance

couples not work out together gym

No doubt you are someone who is determined, but given an opportunity, lovebirds would not mind indulging in some sweet talk even over those heavy weights. And, even if you are a married couple, it is tough to leave your personal life at home. In either case, you will find ways to sneak off to spend some time alone. This will kill your valuable time as well as dedication.

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#6. To negotiate the chores

couples not work out together gym

When you are there at the gym to recharge yourself, the pressing concerns of managing your home and kids should be left behind. But, that is not possible if both of you are hitting the gym at the same time. By working out one at a time, you will not only focus better, but also divide your domestic responsibilities quite well. When one of you is staying at home, the other can freely sweat it out without any worries. Lending out a supportive hand to your spouse will do a world of good for your relationship.

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#7. Constantly keeping an eye on your partner 

couples not work out together gym

Let us be honest, we cannot forget that you are surrounded by the beauty queens and studs in the gym as well. Working out means more focus and less of stress. But, keeping a close watch on him/her every second is not a good sign for your mood. This way you would not be able to focus on your routine. So, next time when you hit the gym, better not bring your sweetheart along.

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Having discussed the bad side of having your honey at the gym, we would like to add that this approach cannot be applied to every couple. It depends a lot on your dedication and your rapport with your partner. So, next time you are off for the gym, discover for yourself whether your partner makes you feel motivated or distracted. 

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