6 Super-Cool Reasons That Will Tempt You To Have A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot


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6 Super-Cool Reasons That Will Tempt You To Have A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

A pre-wedding shoot is a photo session that a soon-to-be married couple has a few months, weeks or sometimes, days before their wedding. And, because of the charm of its outcome, the concept has become quite popular in very less time. But, that is not all about what makes a pre-wedding shoot one of the most desirable things among the soon-to-be married couples. Apart from providing some beautiful memories of your courtship days, it also offers some really amazing benefits that make this concept even more tempting.

So, if you have not yet thought of having a pre-wedding shoot for yourself, then we are sure these tempting and practical reasons will totally convince you to have it.

#1. Prepares you to face the camera

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There will be a lot of emotions going through your mind on the wedding day that can make you a bit nervous. And, if you do not feel quite comfortable in front of the camera, this nervousness will make it even more difficult for you to pose confidently, which may result in 'not so good' photos. But, if you prepare yourself for it beforehand, you can save yourself from making any mistake in front of the camera on your wedding day. And, having a pre-wedding shoot just does that! It eases you up in front of the camera, and prepares you to pose with even more poise on your wedding day.

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#2. Lets you discover your best pose

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This is just the perfect opportunity to try out all your favourite poses and different angles before the wedding day, and finding out the best ones out of them. You will get the exact idea of how you will look like in each of them in the professional photographs. And, based on the outcome, you can pose in the best ones for your wedding album on your D-day. Furthermore, it also gives you an understanding of what all colours look good on you. So, you can select the colour palette for everything from your wedding dress to decor, accordingly.

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#3. Allows you to be a bit experimental

Images Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography

There will be no or very little scope of trying out new things on your wedding day. Simply because there would be less time and so many other people as well. And, you definitely would not want to settle for anything less than perfect for your wedding album. On the other hand, there would be just the two of you on your pre-wedding shoot. And, the photographer would also have no one else to divert his mind. So, you can make the best use of this opportunity by trying out fun and unique things. You can add interesting props, backgrounds, etc., to tell your love story in a really interesting way. And, in the end, you will have some really special memories with you that you will cherish forever.

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#4. Helps your photographer to understand you well

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The way your photographer works might be different from what you are expecting from him. And, a pre-wedding shoot helps him to understand your likes and dislikes. Also, with more time in hand, he can explain you about the latest trend in wedding photography so that you can prepare yourself for the same on your D-day. Furthermore, once you have the pictures of your pre-wedding shoot with you, it will be easier for you to explain to your photographer about which photographs you like the most and why. This will ensure that your wedding album comes out exactly the way you are expecting it to be.

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#5. Gives you a unique element to add in your wedding celebrations

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Be it your ‘save the date’ card, invitation card, guestbook, wedding décor, or anything else, you can add the photographs from your pre-wedding shoot into your wedding celebrations to make them even more personalised. Not only will it show your creative side, but will also add a personal touch to your wedding, hence making it the talk of the town.

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#6. Rings the bell of love

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For the couples having an arranged marriage, a pre-wedding shoot can help dissolve the barriers of discomfort between them. The tiny little moments in a pre-wedding shoot can mean a lot to two strangers who will soon be bound in an eternal bond. And, even if you are having a love marriage, you might not get the chance to get a little cosy during your wedding shoot. On the other hand, a pre-wedding photo shoot gives you full freedom to do so. And, the love-filled moments of your pre-wedding shoot will certainly help to make your bond of love even stronger!

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Well, we know after looking at all these benefits, you might be wondering why you never thought of having a pre-wedding shoot before! But, it is still not late. So, book your wedding photographer for a pre-wedding shoot today, and get set to have another set of beautiful memories apart from what your wedding album will provide to you.

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