11 Reasons Why You Should Be Calling Each Other More Often Than Texting


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11 Reasons Why You Should Be Calling Each Other More Often Than Texting

Have you suffered bouts of anxiety when your message gets delivered, but you do not get a response? Do you think emojis are the best ways to express your heartfelt feelings? Well, we experience the same and agree with you that text messaging is impersonal. In fact, it is quite relevant to the digital age we are living in, where people are already disconnected and glued to their phones. It thus, becomes important to stop texting and start calling. 

We are sure the following reasons will convince you to pick up your phone, and make that one call you have been wanting to make!

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#1. Plenty of time to express

why calling is better than texting express yourself

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Nothing in the world beats an in-person chat. The virtual world is literally robbing us of an experience where a few words of concern can show you ‘choose to care’.

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#2. You can be 'YOU'

why calling is better than texting you can be you

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There is no way you can fake when you are talking to someone on phone or in person. But, over texts particularly in ‘Whatsapp’ and ‘Facebook’ chats, you can easily feign and be total opposite of who you really are. But, do you really want to do that?

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#3. Saves you from autocorrect blunders!

why calling is better than texting autocorrect

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It does not matter you call them smartphones, even one autocorrect message could be a deal breaker! So, if you are not sure whether you want to text, better call!

#4. No room for misunderstandings

why calling is better than texting no misunderstandings

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When you talk over phone, there is no room for conveying ambiguous thoughts because you talk in a certain tone of voice. However, on a text chat chances of miscommunication increases by manifolds, as it is difficult to distinguish the tone of text.

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#5. Quarrelling over texts is mentally exhausting

why calling is better than texting quarreling

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Granted, you can be a lot more sarcastic over text messages. But, sometimes we go overboard with sarcasam. Just try doing that verbally when the other person means no harm. We are sure you would melt and not let one hurtful word roll out of your mouth!

#6. Shows you are concerned

why calling is better than texting concern

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Isn’t it true that we miss getting phone calls? And, why is that so? Because we miss intimate conversations that show we are connected despite the distance. So, dial in that one person and let a conversation consume you with happiness!

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#7. You are one step away from rekindling relationships

why calling is better than texting multitasking

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Some relationships do not survive in this digital age because of the lack of human touch in them. Of course, we cannot meet people daily, but that one phone call can make a huge difference. Thinking of calling someone, already?

#8. You can multitask without losing concentration

why calling is better than texting multitasking

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Of course, we do not mean doing dishes while talking on the phone! But then, you can do stuff like folding clothes, organising your book shelf, dusting, etc., that does not really demand much attention. It is a win-win situation for you. Connect with your friends and also do the house chores. ‘Ek teer se do nishaane’, what say!

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#9. You may inadvertently choose a wrong message recipient

why calling is better than texting wrong message

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If you are someone who sends messages drunkenly, then you better punctuate this habit. What you may mean to send to a certain someone may end up reaching someone else’s inbox. And well, the rest is for you to tackle! So, better safe than sorry, and if you really want to have a conversation, just call!

#10. It is not worth the wait

why calling is better than texting worth the wait

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On ‘Whatsapp’ and ‘Facebook’, you can see if the person has seen the message or is typing one. But, when you do not get a reply, you go all bonkers, right? Stop right there! Just dial their number and ‘talk’ instead of burning your energy in this eternal wait.

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#11. Everyone is just a call away!

why calling is better than texting everyone

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This is the most overused expression, but it is entirely true. It is seriously not worth wasting your time and losing patience over something that can be discussed over a phone chat. In fact, text chatting trivialises the gravity of any situation, especially if it is important to both.

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In this hope that you are convinced, we sincerely wish you do not get engulfed in the whirlpool of technology. Instead, save your relationships with friends and family with that one phone call they have been waiting for. Now, will you?

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