9 Common Lifestyle Habits That Cause Under Eye Dark Circles; It Is Not Just Lack Of Sleep


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9 Common Lifestyle Habits That Cause Under Eye Dark Circles; It Is Not Just Lack Of Sleep

Kohl laden eyes are always described as a symbol of beauty. The colour black looks good to embellish the eye, but not the area under it. Ironically, whether you have a sound 8-hour long sleep at night or haven’t slept for the entire day, dark circles visit you as uninvited guests. They don't spare young or old, women or men. 

But before you feel disheartened, we suggest you must know the reasons behind them. When the causes are known, it is easier to battle the issue.

What exactly are dark circles?

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The facial skin is thinner than the skin from rest of the body. It has hundreds of blood vessels under it that are called capillaries. They work as the lifeline of face, supplying it with oxygenated blood and nutrition. Any minor changes in blood flow lead to changes on the face. And these are more prominently seen under the eyes, since the skin here is particularly thin. Due to various health issues, these capillaries become vulnerable to leaking, which leads to blood release in the surrounding tissue. The broken capillaries get bluish-black colourations and become noticeable and are identified as dark circles. Also Read: Mahhi Vij's Befitting Reply To User Commenting On Her Dark Circles Proves Motherhood Is Her Priority

Let’s just have a look at what all are the things that cause dark circles:

#1. Tiredness and lack of sleep

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If you are tired for a long time and are completely sleep-deprived, the skin under your eyes turns pretty pale and blood at this area becomes more visible and looks darker.

#2. Age

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In general, the skin under the eye is thin as well as delicate. With ageing, the skin of this area tends to turn even thinner, making the blood vessels protuberant that result in giving dark circles.

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#3. Heredity

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Genetics and heredity can also be strong reasons behind the dark circles you have. This is one of the most unfortunate reasons of having them, which not only dominates the under-eye area but spoil your pretty looks as well. 

#4. Anaemia

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Check for your iron count. Deficit in it can lead to darkened under eye area. Low iron level is the most common form of anaemia. It results in poor oxygenation in the body tissues due to low supply of oxygenated blood. The solution lies in a balanced diet, which is enriched with green leafy vegetable, dairy products and all types of fruits.

#5. Allergies

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Surprising, yet true! Any condition that triggers itching in eyes may cause dark circles. The reason is that because of itching, you scratch that area. It holds true especially in case of children.

#6. Deficit of nutrition

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Poor nutrition can also lead to under eye dark circle. To tackle the issue, try to include vitamins like A, C, K, & E, and other nutrients in your diet.

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#7. Smoking and drinking

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Dark circle under your eyes can be due to your drinking and smoking habit as well since they cause loss of water from the body. Dehydration is also one of the key factors behind dark under eyes. When the body lacks proper amount of water, the symptoms are often visible in the area under your eyes.

#8. Overexposure to the sun

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Due to overexposure to sun, skin surface develops pigmentation and create dark circles under the eye. Being exposed to the sun for long produces a high amount of melanin around eyes than regular, thus causing that unwanted dark colour. When excess melanin is being made in the epidermis (outer layer of skin), it looks brown, and when there is more than usual melanin in the dermis (inner layer), it appears blue or blue-grey. Also Read: 15 Simple Things You Can To Do Get Instant Relief From Sunburn

#9. Changes in hormones

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This one is very common in the case of women. Hormonal changes during menstruation and pregnancy alter the skin, and an under-eye dark circle is one of the offshoots. 

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So, now it’s time to diagnose the cause behind your dark circles and get rid of them as soon as possible!