15 Simple Things You Can To Do Get Instant Relief From Sunburn


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15 Simple Things You Can To Do Get Instant Relief From Sunburn

Love the sun but hate sunburns? Love going to the beaches but hate those tan lines, redness and stinginess? Well, here is some good news. You can now enjoy the sun as much as you want, without getting worried about those painful sunburns.

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We have compiled a list of certain home remedies that can help you get instant relief from those nasty sunburns. Excited to know about these magical remedies? Then scroll down to know all about them.

#1. Oatmeal soak

Instant relief from sunburn

Weird as it may sound but it works. Just wrap dry oatmeal in cheesecloth, run cool water through it in a tub/bucket and soak the affected area for some time before patting it dry. But make sure you don’t do it for too long else your skin might end up becoming drier.

#2. Lettuce compress

Instant relief from sunburn

Simply take few lettuce leaves and boil them in water. Then strain and allow the liquid to cool for a few hours in the refrigerator. Then dip a cotton ball in the liquid and press it on the burnt area for quick relief.

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#3. Say ‘No’ to soap

Instant relief from sunburn

Applying soap on the affected area can make the sunburn even worse, so avoid using it. If at all you want to use soap, then make sure to use a very mild soap. Do rinse it well else it will make your skin dry and irritated.

#4. Apply Vitamin E oil

Instant relief from sunburn

Vitamin E can help decrease the inflammation caused by sunburn as it is an antioxidant. Apply vitamin E oil on the irritated skin or swallow the supplement, either way it will help you soothe the pain.

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#5. Brew some black tea

Instant relief from sunburn

Another thing which is full of antioxidant is black tea. Just take 2-3 tea bags, brew it in hot water and allow the liquid to cool down. Now, dip a cloth in the water, apply it on the affected area three to four times and leave it till it dries completely. You need not wash it off.

#6. DIY compress

Instant relief from sunburn

Make a cool compress using skim milk, green tea or egg whites. Green tea will help reduce inflammation, while milk and egg white will coat and soothe the burn.

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#7. Ice pack

Instant relief from sunburn

If you have nothing then grab those ice cubes or packets of frozen veggies, wrap them in a cloth and place it on the sunburn. You will get instant relief.

#8. Honey it up

Instant relief from sunburn

This sweet sticky thing will help reduce the pain, infection and will speed up the healing process. However, do not use honey on the sunburn area for kids below 12 months of age as its accidental ingestion can put babies at the risk of infant botulism.

#9. Apply aloe vera

Instant relief from sunburn

Either scoop the gel from the plant itself or buy the gel from the drugstore, applying the gel of this plant will moisturise your skin, and speed up the healing process. Take the gel and put it in the fridge for half an hour before applying it to the skin. Let the gel dry on its own, do not wipe it. Repeat the procedure 5-6 times in a day for quick results.

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#10. Bathe in baking soda

Instant relief from sunburn

It is always advised never to immediately take a bath after having been under the sun for long. Do, let your body cool for a while, and then add a few tablespoons of baking soda to normal water. Take a bath with that water to get instant relief from sunburn.

#11. Magic with milk and yoghurt

Instant relief from sunburn

Take cool milk, not cold, and soak a smooth piece of cloth into it. Apply the wet cloth on the sunburned area of your body. Milk creates a protein film on our skin that gives relief from the itching and discomfort. Similar, is the case with yoghurt, which brings a soothing effect on your skin.

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#12. Cool as cucumber

Instant relief from sunburn

Everyone likes to eat cucumber during summers, right? You know why? It’s because cucumbers have natural antioxidant and analgesic properties which has cooling properties. Similarly, cucumbers can bring relief from sunburn because of its cooling effect. All you need to do is use a blender, make a paste out of it, and apply the paste on the sunburned skin.

#13. Peel off the potatoes and paste it

Instant relief from sunburn

Boil a few potatoes, and peel off its cover. Mash the boiled potatoes and let it cool. Apply the paste so formed on your sunburned area. The starch in the potatoes helps draw out heat and brings instant relief from sunburn.

#14. Apple cider vinegar

Instant relief from sunburn

Pour a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water. Mix it well and use a spray bottle to spray the mixture on your sunburned areas. In case, you don’t have a spray bottle, you can simply dab the mixture on your skin with cotton or a washing cloth.

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#15. Prevention is better than cure

Instant relief from sunburn

Goes without saying, prevention is the best remedy. Always use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, go out in the sun only when you’ve worn protective clothing, and avoid direct exposure to the sun.

P.S. Do check your medicines – If you are taking any antibiotics, pills, antifungal medicines or using any cream, make sure you know its side effects. Some medication can make you ultra-sensitive to the sun. And, if you are getting tanned or developing redness more frequently than before, then do consult your doctor.

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Apart from these, always wear sunscreen before going out (even if it is cloudy), cover yourself up and keep yourself hydrated as it is important to heal your damaged skin. Well, next time if you end up having sunburn, you know which remedies to follow. So, fear no more and enjoy the sun. 

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