Raza Murad's Love Life: From Getting Bitten By A Girl On Nose To His Marriage With Shahruk Murad

The iconic villain, Raza Murad's love life is nothing less than a roller-coaster ride of emotions. The actor's arranged marriage with Shahruk is nothing less than a Bollywood flick. Details inside!


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Raza Murad's Love Life: From Getting Bitten By A Girl On Nose To His Marriage With Shahruk Murad

One of the most iconic villains in the history of Indian cinema, Raza Murad has over 250 films to his credit. The actor is the son of the iconic actor, late Murad, first cousin of the legendary actress, Zeenat Aman, and nephew of Pakeezah and Mughal-e-azam's writer, late Amanullah Khan. The actor had started his journey in Indian cinema in the mid-1960s and used to portray the character of a brother mostly, in his films.

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However, Raza Murad made a smooth transition to villainous characters in the 1980s, and that's when he had proved the mettle of his acting skills to the whole nation. Raza Murad had also worked in tons of critically acclaimed films. Apart from his illustrious career, Raza Murad's personal life and love life are exciting and nothing less than a Bollywood film.

Raza Murad

Raza Murad and Shahruk Murad's love story

Raza Murad wife Samina

Once in an interview with The Quint, Raza Murad had talked about his wife, Shahruk Murad and had opened up about their beautiful love story. The veteran actor had surprisingly revealed that he had said 'yes' to marriage without even looking at Shahruk's pictures. Raza Murad had said:

"Meri jo shadi hui hai vo, arrange marriage hui meri. Aur tajjub ki baat toh ye hain ki har cheez settle hone ke baad, shadi ki date settle hone ke baad bhi, maine apni biwi ko dekha nahi tha. Dekhne ki baat toh door hai, maine unki tasveer bhi nahi dekhi thi.”

Raza murad wife shamina murad

Going further in his interview, Raza Murad revealed that he had immense belief in his mother's choice. That is the reason why he said 'yes' to marriage, even without looking at Shahruk's pictures. However, he also recalled the time when he had gone to Bhopal to meet his fiancee. Raza had said:

“Aur jab tamaam baatein set hogayi, date set hogayi. Tab ek din ke leye mai Bhopal gaya tha. Kyuki maine tasveer bhi nahi dekhi thi aur meri mata ji, meri waalida ne unhe pasand kiya tha. Toh mujhe bharosa tha apni maa ki pasand ka, ki vo galat nahi hosakti.”

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Raza Murad Wife

Raza Murad and Shahruk's first meeting

When Raza Murad was asked to reveal details about his first meeting with his fiancee, Shahruk. The veteran actor had stated that he had recognised his to-be-wife at first glance and from a distance. Recalling the same, Raza had said:

"Toh main Delhi se aaya ek din ke leye. Jaisey he mai Bhopal airport pe utra. Ye Bhopal ki rehne wali hai. Aur exit ki taraf main ja raha tha toh door mujhe ek ladki dikhayi di. Jiske hath main ek surk gulab ka phool tha. Aur maine kaha, ho na ho, ye meri hone wali biwi hai. Aur vo mera guess sahi nikla.”

raza murad

The Namak Haraam actor, Raza Murad, had also shared an emotional incident from his memory lane about his wife, Shahruk Murad, which speaks volumes about their love for each other. The actor had stated that once his wife was going to Bhopal for some days, after their marriage. That's when his wife had started crying, and it had also made her husband, Raza, emotional. Revealing the memorable incident, Raza had concluded his interview by saying:

“Badi achi yaadein hai kuch. Jab pehli baar ye Bhopal jaa rahi thi 15 din ke leye. Enhe apne maa-baap ki yaad aa rahi thi. Toh mai enhe airport chod ne gaya. Aur enki aakhoo main jo moote-moote aasu aaye, juda hote waqt vo mai aaj tak bhula nahi. Aaj bhi jab mai vo yaad karta hu toh mai bada jazbati ho jata hu. Abhi bhi ho raha hu. Mai bada emotional hojata hu. Ye hamari love story hai, ye hamari kahani hai.”

Raza Murad and Shahruk's wedding

For the unversed, Raza Murad got married to Shahruk in a nikaah ceremony on May 2, 1982. While the actor was 31, Shahruk was 16 at that time. Once in an interview with a leading magazine, Raza had addressed the huge age difference between him and his wife. The actor had explained how he and Shahruk had supported each other since the beginning of their married life. He had said:

"When we got married, she was 16 and I was 31. There was a huge age gap but we both tried to understand and support each other through thick and thin. But like any other couple, even our marriage went through some turmoil, but what kept us together was our love, respect and understanding for each other. In a nutshell, I would say that each and every moment with her has been beautiful. I am very lucky to have her in my life."

The veteran actor, Raza Murad had also added that even to this very day, he is still awestruck by his wife, Shahruk. The actor had also called her a possessive wife. The actor had praised his wife and had stated that Shahruk had transformed herself for him. Raza had said:

"She is very beautiful. I was awestruck when I first saw her. Our bonding of love is very strong. She takes care of me and my every need. Initially, she was very possessive but slowly I understood that her possessiveness was also out of love. Her loving and caring nature attracts me towards her. She has transformed herself completely for me."

raza murad

Raza Murad and his wife, Shahruk Murad's honeymoon

Going further in his interview, Raza Murad had also opened up about his honeymoon period and had stated that he had taken his wife, Shahruk to Srinagar for almost a week. The actor had said:

"I took her to Srinagar for the honeymoon. We were there for almost a week. We stayed in a very beautiful houseboat called Texas. She was quite amazed to see me surrounded by my fans, giving autographs. She had never seen all this. It was all new to her."

Raza Murad and Shahruk Murad's children

At the end of his interview, Raza Murad had also talked about his equation with his son, Ali Murad and daughter, Ayesha Murad. The doting father had stated that he is more like a friend to them, and they never miss a chance to spend some quality time with each other.

"I have an older son and a younger daughter. As I told you that I am very young at heart so I am more like a friend to them. They love discussing things with me like a friend. I have gone out of my way to make them feel at ease. I have always been very frank to them. I made sure that I spend quality time with them. I use to take them to EsselWorld on weekends. I also made sure that they get best of education. I think I have succeeded as a father."

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When Raza Murad got bitten by a girl on his nose

Raza Murad

One of the most famous incidents of Raza Murad's personal life is when he had proposed to a girl during his teenage days but had received an instant rejection from her. According to a report in Patrika Entertainment, Raza used to like a girl in his younger days but was afraid to confess his love to her. However, his friends had boosted his confidence and had encouraged him. After which, Raza Murad had decided to propose to the girl.

However, when Raza Murad had gone in front of the girl, he got intimidated by her and got confused. In the midst of everything, Raza had kissed the girl instantly on her cheeks, and it had frightened her, and she had bitten him on his nose. After this incident, the young girl ran away in fear, and Raza had also started crying, as his nose was bleeding.

Raza muraad

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Raza Murad and Shahruk Murad's love story teaches us everything about the beauty of love. Their beautiful love story clearly shows that they could never live without one another.  

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