Rashami Desai Reveals That She Went Through Depression After Getting Divorced With Nandish Sandhu

A divorce can break the strongest person, no matter whether it is a mutual decision or not. Recently, Rashami Desai opened up on her dark phase when she got a divorce from Nandish Sandhu.


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Rashami Desai Reveals That She Went Through Depression After Getting Divorced With Nandish Sandhu

Being in love is the most beautiful feeling. You see the entire world with rose-tinted glasses when you are in a relationship. You ignore your partner's flaws and you believe that they are the right person for you. We forget that some people are with us for a shorter time period. Once we tie the knot, the reality strikes in and you realise that you really don't get along. No matter how much you try, something is not meant to work, and in that case, it is okay to party ways. That's exactly what television actress, Rashami Desai did when her love marriage with Nandish Sandhu hit the storms. (Recommend Read: Janhvi Kapoor Dons A Traditional Saree At Sridevi's Prayer Meet In Chennai, Reminds Us Of Her Mom)

Rashami has added more fans to her fan club after her stint in Bigg Boss 13 and everyone loves her unique sense of style and bubbly nature. But behind the chirpy actress, lies a struggling past. Rashami made a name for herself on the professional front but her personal life wasn't a bed of roses. We all know that Rashami was earlier married to her Uttaran co-star, Nandish Sandhu. However, they never lived happily in their four-year-long marriage.

Rashmi and Nandish Divorce, Image Credit Instagram

Recently, in an interview with Pinkvilla, Rashami opened up on her divorce with Nandish Sandhu. The actress revealed that getting married to Nandish was completely her decision as they were in love. While it was a love marriage, they ended up having a divorce. It was a painful time for Rashami and she shared that she went through depression during that phase. She also stated that she never wanted to end her marriage and she did her best to save her relationship. However, after things didn't work out, she was the one who decided to go for it. (Also Read: Taimur Ali Khan Calling Out Puppies As He Hangs Out With Kareena Kapoor Khan, Babita Is Paww-dorable)

In an interview with The Times of India, Nandish had opened up on his side of the divorce story, and had shared, "It’s normal to have problems in every relationship and that needn’t be blown out of proportion. But calling the marriage ‘abusive’ is too strong a statement. Does she even understand what it means? Abuse can be physical, verbal, mental or sexual. I want her to specify nature. I have never raised my hand on her. Even I have gone through mental torture like her. I didn’t work for a year due to the stress caused by our relationship."

Earlier, in an interview with the Hindustan Times, Rashami had talked about her tough marriage. She had stated, "This rough patch I went through in the past 6-7 years was really ugly. A lot of changes happened, and they are enough to make one go mentally weak. When you encounter such a relationship, your mindset changes drastically. What one needs at such a critical point of time is people, who are supportive and ready to help."

Talking about giving love another chance, Rashami had shared, "I am not one of those, who worry that things in the future, too, might end up the same way, as they did in the past. It’s all about giving yourself equal importance as the other person in a relationship. Fairytales ki kahaaniyan banaate hain life ke baare mein, let’s see what happens next." (Don't Miss: Kareena Kapoor Khan Reveals One Important Advice Hubby, Saif Ali Khan Gives Her About Choosing Films)

Well, we hope Rashami gets her 'Mister Right'! 

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