When A Roadie Fell For A Cutie: Heart-Warming Love Story Of Rannvijay Singh And Priyanka Vohra


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When A Roadie Fell For A Cutie: Heart-Warming Love Story Of Rannvijay Singh And Priyanka Vohra

He is down-to-earth, he is talented, he is soft spoken and he is that ‘tall, dark, handsome’ guy every girl wants to get married to. But when this Roadies's ex-contestant-turned-VJ-turned-actor officially announced his wedding, thousands of hearts were broken and crushed then and there. Yes, we are talking about one hottie Rannvijay who everyone loves to love.

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People who find true love are the luckiest ones in the entire world. And Rannvijay is one such lucky guy who found love in an immensely gorgeous, social and chirpy lady, Prianka Vohra. Yes, they are ‘made for each other’, yes they love one another to the moon and back, and yes they together are making life worth living.

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Even though many hearts were crushed when he got married to Prianka, and now all those and a few others are loving them as a couple (‘coz they are worth it!). So, let’s just spill the beans on how they met and fell in love with each other.

Jab they met

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Hottie Rannvijay Singh and super-gorgeous Prianka Vohra had a completely chance meeting. The first time when they saw each other was at some common friend’s party. Recalling the day when they met for the first time, Rannvijay gushed in an interview earlier:

“It was a chance meeting. She's from London and her relatives are in India, she had come to visit her cousins.  They happened to come for an after party at my friend's place and we just clicked instantly. No one played cupid.”

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Prianka added:

“That’s true. We met at an after party but we hardly spoke. Then the next day again we happened to meet at a party, as we had some common friends. I don’t drink and he wasn’t drinking that night, so we were the only sober people in the room. That’s how we began talking and I realized he’s a funny guy.”

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Not just that, in fact, in this first meeting, this hottest Roadie till date impressed her with his dance moves and grooves. And the icing on the cake was his comic timing. Wondering baat aage badi kaise? Hear it from Rannvjijay himself:

"We were the only two not drinking, so we ended up talking all night,"

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Until then, it was just like that, but the real attraction brew when they met yet again in a hotel in Mumbai in 2011. Beautiful Prianka said:

"It was really funny...I’d lived in London all my life, I had no clue who he was. So as people came up to him and asked for pictures, I was laughing, thinking he’d been mistaken for a movie star."

They finally fell for each other when she saw Rannvijay getting surrounded by a number of fans in Delhi.

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First impressions

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Both the lovebirds, Rannvijay and Prianka shared their first impressions about each other. Rannvijay was quoted saying:

“I was really amazed to know that she's an Indian because she looks like a firang. She came across as a very cool, funny and charming person.”

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While Rannvijay was swayed by her charm, Prianka fell for his RnB and Hip-hop love:

“The first thing that caught my attention was that he was into RnB and Hip-hop, he was actually lip synching to the lyrics. Having grown up in New York, that’s the kind of music I am into. Later I found out he is also into basketball. I wasn’t aware of his celeb status, so when someone asked him for an autograph, I though they mistook him for a South Indian actor and I began teasing him about it. I think that annoyed him.”

Family and friend’s involvement

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And when both cuties Rannvijay and Prianka realised their love for each other, they planned to make it official. Rannvijay decided to introduce the love of his life to his family on the occasion of lohri. Recalling the day, Rannvijay stated:

“It didn't take long because we both come from a Punjabi background. She met my parents for the first time during lohri and they loved her. Same with her parents, they always knew we would marry each other. She's a very cool and friendly person so it didn't take time to adjust with the friends also.”

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Prianka, on the other hand, revealed:

“Yes I met his family during lohri and although I've grown up abroad, I love wearing salwar kameez. So I would have worn it anyway, it wasn’t because I was meeting them but they were very surprised, although they wouldn’t mind if I had come in jeans. Both of us are Sikhs and coming from the same culture, it was a natural progression. His friends are very chilled out, like most Mumbaikars.”

When they tied the knot

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So finally, this much-in-love duo, Rannvijay and Prianka tied the knot on April 14, 2014 in Mombasa, Kenya. It was a close-knitted family affair, involving a few close pals of the couple. He kept mum about his relationship and the wedding for quite a long time, and made an official announcement just a few days before the wedding.

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He posted a picture of their roka ceremony on Twitter:

Image Courtesy: Instagram

The caption along with this picture:

"The love of my life, Prianka..."

Once he even tweeted:

"It has been a wonderful journey with Prianka so far, and taking the first step towards our marriage has bought us even closer."

Ranvijay Singh and Prinaka Vohra

So, when asked about the wedding memories that they cherish (though the entire event is meant to be cherished all life), Prianka fervently stated:

“We married in Mombasa Kenya, as my ancestors were from there. The best memory was our jaymala ceremony. Normally in Punjbai weddings you have people carrying the bride and groom but our jaymala took place in the middle of a pond at a Pagoda, so it was just us. It was the only moment we had alone, through the entire wedding and he whispered something in my ear that no one knows about. So that was special.”

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Here is the wedding video for all Rannvijay fans. Check that out here guys:



Love is always in the air

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Both Rannvijay and Prianka are head-over-heels in love with each other, and their Insta posts are the proof of the same. Both of them keep updating lovey-dovey pictures along with love-filled and heart melting captions ever.

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Let’s start with the girl first. Prianka’s birthday wish for his ‘Prince Charming’ on his birthday is something worth mentioning. Here’s the picture she posted on her Instagram handle:

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She captioned it:

“Haaappy happpy Birthday Meri Jaan Love you so much. You are not only an inspiration to the youth of this country but to many many more including our families, and most of all, me. There is really no one like you in this world and we all thank you for always being the same, always being just you. #SatnamWaheguru”

And then on their wedding anniversary, she posted this lovely picture:

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The caption along with this picture read:

“Happy Anniversary Soldier Boy "Marriage is finding the person who puts up with your shit, admires your weird little ways and still says they love you at the end of the day" #mylove #mylife #mysoulja @rannvijaysingha”

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And then there is one ainvayi wala post, which is also very adorable:

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The caption along with this one read:

“Me: Is that a cappuccino baby?

Me: Gimmie a sip of the cino Rann!

R: Really Pri!? You don't even like coffee..just for ainvayi ?

R: HAHA serves you RIGHT #ainvayi @rannvijaysingha #tb”

Rannvijay too is very expressive when it comes to showing love to his dear wifey, Prianka. He has posted this picture on his Instagram account:

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The caption with picture read:

“Shining bright like a diamond @priankasingha !! #satnamwaheguruà©´ #christmaslights #oxfordstreet #jsonmyfeet #jordans #jordansdaily #sneakers #sneakerhead #kicks #kicksonfire”

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In an interview, when Rannvijay and Prianka were asked how they surprise each other. Rannvijay was quoted saying:

“I had proposed to her in London and came back to India.  I was missing her a lot as it was a crucial period for us. After 2-3 days she walks into my house and surprises me…I love all small little things about her, she’s a cleanliness freak, very grounded person, family person.  If I had to change one thing then I would get her into fitness.”

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Priyanka said that surprises are the strong point of Rannvijay. Here’s what this gorgeous lady revealed:

“Surprises are what he is good at. He told me he was coming to London for a shoot. I had just woken up and before I realize it he landed in my room to propose to me. He then took me to a river in London, while on a boat ride he asked me to marry him. He keeps surprising me till date by landing up somewhere to meet me.”

She further added:

“I love that he wears heart on sleeve, no ulterior motive. Both of us are Pisces and just like one he’s emotional. What I would like to change is he takes up more work than he can chew. Although he does justice to it, I wish he would relax and chill at times.”

And they are enjoying the marital bliss

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This is one such crazy couple that is made for each other. While Rannvijay plays the role of a fool and keeps teasing her, on the other hand, Prianka keeps chiding him sometimes. And in fact, they have even admitted still being in the honeymoon mode.

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In fact before marring each other, they were quite sure that it would be for keeps. Prianka said:

"We married our best friend,"

And Rannvijay seriously quoted:

"When you are younger, there are many things to distract you, but as you grow up, you need someone to care about you, no matter what."

Aww…they are truly an adorable couple and we them a lot!

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The couple is now expecting their first baby together, who is all set to enter this beautiful world. The cutest thing is that they address each other now as ‘Baby Mama’ and ‘Baby Daddy’.

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Here are a few videos of this cutesy couple. Take a look and you too will fall for them:


A post shared by Prianka Singha (@priankasingha) on


A post shared by Prianka Singha (@priankasingha) on


A post shared by Prianka Singha (@priankasingha) on


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Well, we just wish you both, Rannvijay and Prianka, ocean full of happiness and luck. You both make an outstanding couple, stay together like this always. Much love to you both (oops, we mean you three)!

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