Rani Mukerji Hopes That Adira Feels Proud Of Her Working Parents When She Grows Up


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Rani Mukerji Hopes That Adira Feels Proud Of Her Working Parents When She Grows Up

Kareena Kapoor Khan has set an example for all the soon-to-be mothers for being active all throughout her pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Following her footsteps, another actress is all set for her comeback post-pregnancy. We are talking about none other than phenomenal actress Rani Mukerji, who will soon be seen on big screen with Hichki.

The actress shared her anxiety as a mother when she started shooting for her film, Hichki. During the promotions of her film, she said, “I had this anxiety about leaving my daughter at home because it was going to be a new environment for her. She is not going to see me for a few hours, which she is used to. It is a dilemma that every working mother goes through where you face this anxiety."

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Along with the confidence that Adira will one day feel proud about her working parents, she further added, "The child will soon get used to it. I am sure Adira will understand that both her parents leave home for work. It will be normal and it will be something that she will be proud of." She also talked about her husband, Aditya Chopra, she said, "As a director-producer, he understands that I also have a responsibility towards the people who have given me so much love and adoration. Now that I have a new family, I cannot leave my old family behind. I have to stay in touch with my fans. It is a part of me, which I cannot separate from."

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She further stated, "It is a decision taken together by my husband and me. I think my husband being a very private person wants Adira to have a very normal upbringing." About Aditya being a supportive husband, Rani admitted, "When I went out shooting, Aditya took care of Adira at home. And why wouldn't he?"

Rani is glad that the time is changing and now the fathers are also getting involved to take care of the children. Aditya also stepped in to fulfil his fatherly duties, making it easier for Rani to move out and work leaving Adira with him. She said, “People are still not ready to accept it. It is a hesitation that they need to overcome. Obviously, a child is more attached to the mother. But now fathers are also getting involved.”

The actress also talked about the stigma attached to the society of men contributing to the household chores and child upbringing. She retorted, "When we expect that men should go out and work, those men should also be encouraged to participate in the house work. What happens is that they are discouraged from doing it. It is a mental block that we need to overcome." Stating her opinion, she said, "It should start at home. The day every woman starts to make a difference in the house, a change will come in the country. You can't bring about a change by just talking about feminism. If one wife decides not to put up with the injustice that her husband does, things will start to change."

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The major chunk of her film, Hichki, was shot in St Xavier's College in South Mumbai and between 7 am and 12 noon. This is how, with the support of her husband and the crew of the film, Rani managed to give time to Adira as well. She said, "This way, I could get back home to Adira by lunchtime and spend the rest of the day with her.” Talking about if it was difficult for her to shoot post-pregnancy, she shared, "Well, no. If men could have babies, we women could continue working. But we cannot fight nature. Having said that, there is nothing a bit of adjustment cannot sort out. I've had Adi's support and my crew has been extremely understanding of my time constraints too. So it all worked out."

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We are glad to see Rani back on screen with a bang. We wish her all the luck and success for her film.

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