Ranbir Kapoor Once Shared Who Makes Up First After A Fight, Him Or Alia, Called The Latter 'Lawyer'

Ranbir Kapoor once talked about his fights with Alia Bhatt. The actor revealed who makes up first if a fight takes place, and his reply was something that every husband could relate to.


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Ranbir Kapoor Once Shared Who Makes Up First After A Fight, Him Or Alia, Called The Latter 'Lawyer'

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are what is known as an 'It' couple in the Hindi film industry. The duo fell in love with one another during the shoot of their film, Brahmastra. And in 2022, the couple took their relationship to the ultimate step by tying the knot. In the same year, Ranbir and Alia became parents to their baby girl, Raha, who is currently ruling all the headlines with her cuteness and blue eyes. 

Ranbir Kapoor once called Alia Bhatt 'lawyer' and revealed who makes up first after a fight

Fighting is the golden rule of a relationship, and believe it or not, it actually strengthens the bond. There is no couple out there who doesn't fight, and our favourite jodi of Bollywood, Ranbir and Alia are no exception. So, let us look back at a time when Ranbir revealed who makes up first during a fight, and his reply is something that each husband can mostly relate to. On his appearance on Kareena Kapoor's chat show, What Women Want, Ranbir was asked who is the one among them to make up first if a fight takes place.

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Replying to the same question, Ranbir Kapoor mentioned that if a fight takes place, then he is somebody who needs some space, while Alia is the one who would prove her point if she feels that she was wronged. Ranbir also called his wife Alia 'lawyer'. Talking more about the same, Ranbir stated that he doesn't have any ego or self-respect, and he can easily say 'sorry' when he is wrong or right, but he likes the concept of space. Ranbir could be quoted as saying:

"If there is a fight, I can just kind of take some space. Alia is somebody; she is a lawyer, so if she feels that she was wronged, she will not let go until she makes her point clear. And I am the guy who has no ego and doesn’t have self-respect also. I am very happy saying sorry, even when I am right or wrong. But I like the concept of space."

Talking more about the same, Ranbir Kapoor shared the need for clarification in a relationship. The actor stated that when a couple fights, one of them spills something in the heat of the moment to hurt the opposite person, and they do not get where it is coming from. Ranbir said that these 3-4 words that come out of the heat stay with the other person, so whoever had said the same must clarify it. Ranbir said:

"When a couple fights, sometimes to hurt each other, a lot of things are said for effect and you don’t really mean it. Meanwhile, the other person thinks that you’re coming from a place of something. So that person takes those 3–4 words and it stays with that person, then you have to clarify it. So it always comes with the heat of the moment."

Ranbir Kapoor was tagged as a 'toxic' husband

There's no second thought about the fact that Ranbir is hands down a doting husband. Alia too, is the doting wife of the actor, who never shies away from showering love and hyping her hubby. However, her statements were often misquoted and were stretched too far that Ranbir even was tagged as a 'toxic' husband. 

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It all started when Alia, in an interview, had mentioned that when she and Ranbir were dating, the latter didn't like her using lipstick and used to say 'wipe it off'. Alia said that she used to apply the lipstick and wipe that off. Such a statement didn't go well with the netizens and Ranbir had to face the brunt of limitless trolling, meanwhile, the actor remained composed about the same and didn't react to it.

What do you think about Ranbir's revelations?

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