Ranbir Kapoor Once Angrily Snatched A Pap's Phone While Dad, Rishi Kapoor Posed In His Son's Place

Celebrity pap, Varinder Chawla revealed that Ranbir Kapoor once snatched a pap's phone for tailing his car, while his father, Rishi Kapoor, had an equally bittersweet relationship with them.


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Ranbir Kapoor Once Angrily Snatched A Pap's Phone While Dad, Rishi Kapoor Posed In His Son's Place

Ranbir Kapoor, a Bollywood icon, commands a massive following, which often leads to him being a prime target for the paparazzi. However, like his late father, Rishi Kapoor, Ranbir's relationship with the shutterbugs is also quite bittersweet. Reminiscing some of these instances, renowned paparazzo, Varinder Chawla shared some intriguing anecdotes about the Kapoor father-son duo.

Ranbir Kapoor once angrily snatched a pap's phone for following him

Varinder Chawla recently sat for an interview with Hindi Rush, revealing that a few years back, one of his company's pap was following Ranbir Kapoor's car. He did not know where Ranbir was heading to but was tailing his car to get exclusive pictures. Midway, an angry Ranbir came out of the car and snatched the pap's phone. In Varinder's words:

"About 10- 12 years ago. One of my photographers was following him at night for a picture. Ranbir was going somewhere, I don't know where he was exactly going, but he stopped his car and asked the guy what he was doing, why he was following him and asked him who he works for. He snatched his phone."

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First, the pap called Varinder from an unfamiliar number, seeking his assistance. Varinder, in turn, contacted Ranbir, but was met with a rebuke for what Ranbir perceived as an invasion of his privacy. Later that night, Ranbir called Varinder, asking him to retrieve the phone and stressing the importance of privacy. Varinder, recounting the incident, added:

"He answered my call and scolded me. He then called me back around 2.30-3.00 am and told me that he is returning home and that my boy can take his phone back. He was angry but later on he cooled down and told us to respect his privacy."

When a drunk Rishi Kapoor posed in place of his son

In the same conversation, Varinder shared that one of his pap was once waiting outside Ranbir Kapoor’s house to click his pictures. Seeing him on the CCTV camera, Rishi Kapoor came out of the house with a glass in his hand and asked the pap about his whereabouts. When the pap shared that he was here to click Ranbir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor told him to click his picture instead as his son would not come out. In his words:

“It was late in the night. Rishi sir might have seen him on his CCTV camera. He came out of his house, he had a glass in his hand and asked him why he was sitting around. So my photographer replied to him by saying that he was there to click Ranbir’s photo. To which Rishi said that he won’t come out now. But my photographer was adamant, he said he wants his photo, so Rishi said, ‘He won’t come out, you click my picture and leave’.”

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Sharing the incident, Varinder added that it was the lucky day of his pap as otherwise, Rishi Kapoor is quite short-tempered. Talking more about it, he added:

"Then when my photographer told me what had happened, I told him ‘teri kismat acchi thi (you are lucky), he must be in a good mood that he spoke to you so much otherwise you’d get two three slaps from him.” 

Let us know your views on Varinder Chawla’s revelations.

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