Rajeev Sen On Separation Rumours With His Wife, Charu Asopa: Believes Someone Is Brainwashing Her

Amidst the separation rumours with his wife, Charu Asopa, Rajeev Sen, in an interview, claims that someone close to the actress is brainwashing her and hopes that she doesn't lose her path.


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Rajeev Sen On Separation Rumours With His Wife, Charu Asopa: Believes Someone Is Brainwashing Her

Relationships are complicated and to sustain the in and outs of companionship, some unsaid rules need to be followed by the couple. Sometimes to solve a problem in their relationship, couples often seek advice from their respective friends, siblings or family.  While it is okay to seek a third person's perspective to help you figure out the situation, it is important for you to understand not getting influenced completely by a third person's perspective and use yours too. (Also Read: Anupam Kher's Mother, Dulari Has Been Shifted To Isolation Ward After Testing Positive For COVID-19)

It was a year back when Sushmita Sen's brother, Rajeev Sen had married his ladylove, Mere Angne Mein fame, Charu Asopa. After a court marriage, Rajeev and Charu had tied the knot in Goa as per two rituals, white wedding and Bengali traditions. To mark her married life with Rajeev, Charu had added Sen to her name and since then, there has been no looking back for the couple. Rajeev and Charu had painted the town red with their love and their fans had admired their social media PDA, where they didn't shy away from expressing their love for each other.

Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa Sen

When Rajeev Sen had moved to Delhi a few days before his first marriage anniversary with Charu Asopa, reports had emerged in the media regarding trouble in their paradise. While Charu had removed Sen from her name, the couple has deleted their pictures from social media. This had made the separation rumours stronger and finally, Rajeev has spoken about the reason behind the troubles in his marriage with his wife, Charu.

Sen family

In an interview with The Times Of India, Rajeev Sen has claimed that someone close to his wife, Charu Asopa is brainwashing her and hopes that she doesn't lose her path. Rajeev has said, “Why would I move out of my own house? I can’t stop laughing at these claims. I have three homes — one each in Delhi, Mumbai and Dubai. I guess someone close to Charu is brainwashing her, because she is a simple and innocent girl. It could be someone from her so-called huge friend circle. I hope she doesn’t lose her path. If I find out who the culprit is, I will post his or her name along with a picture and a lot of facts. If they are going to hit me, I’m going to hit them back harder.” (Also Read: Vivek Oberoi Wishes Aishwarya Rai Bachchan And Entire Bachchan Family 'Quick Recovery' From COVID-19)

Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa Sen

While Rajeev Sen had reacted to the rumours earlier also but had refused to comment on it, Charu Asopa had maintained her silence on the breakup speculations. Rajeev had said, "No comments. I don’t want to talk about it. I am enjoying being in Delhi and am so much at peace." When asked to comment on why they've deleted their wedding pictures, Rajeev had said to SpotboyE, “I won’t comment on that but currently I’m in a very happy zone is all I can say." And Charu had refused to talk about it, “I am sorry but I don't want to talk about it.”

Charu Asopa Sen and Rajeev Sen

From the past few days, Charu Asopa has been sharing cryptic posts on her IG handle and it has made her fans concerned about what's going on in her personal life. A few days back, Charu had shared a cryptic message on life that probably resonated with her current phase. Charu's post stated, "Bahut haste ho tootey ho kya?” (in Hindi), which Charu had captioned with a smiley.

Cryptic Post

Later, Charu Asopa had posted a poem in Hindi by Seema Valiya on life and relationships. Charu had posted a picture of herself, flaunting a pink floral saree and had written, “Kashmakash se bhari zindagi tohmatein bhi beshumar hain. Yeh kaafila hai shikayaton ka, log kewal sawaal karte hain. Samajhna hai toh khud ko hi samajh, begairat samajh jaye toh kya baat hai?? Maslein toh roz aayenge jeevan mein, hal kaunse honge yeh sawaal naasoor hai?????? Mijaaj waakif bhi hai aur naakaafi bhi, wajood misaal kya banenge sawaal baaki hai abhi. Naraaz rishton ko naraaz hi rehne do, samundar me patthar fenkne se tarangein banti hain paani behta nahi…" Which was followed by another post, in which Charu had looked stunning in a black western outfit. She had captioned it as "Always remember whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you..." (Also Read: A Marriage Made In Heaven, Dulquer Salmaan's Love Story Is Not Less Than A Fairy Tale)

Charu Asopa


Charu Asopa

We wish Rajeev and Charu, happiness and success in their future endeavours!

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