Purab Kohli And His Family Test Positive For COVID-19, Shares His Story Of Fighting The Virus

The COVID-19 outbreak in the world has scared everyone! But Bollywood actor, Purab Kohli shared how he and his family fought after testing positive.


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Purab Kohli And His Family Test Positive For COVID-19, Shares His Story Of Fighting The Virus

The year 2020 started off with a lot of hopes and dreams, but we could have never thought that it will turn into a nightmare for the entire world. The COVID-19 outbreak has taken over 75,000 lives worldwide. It is strange how a little microbe has become a reason for the entire world to stop its working. The health crisis has turned into a global recession and the cure for it, is still not be found. These are scary times and everyone gets anxious, the moment they hear coronavirus. However, Bollywood actor, Purab Kohli, who was tested positive, has revealed his story of fighting the virus. (Recommend Read: Quarantine Updates: Divyanka Tripathi Cooks Mouth-Watering Thai Food For Husband, Vivek Dahiya)

Purab Kohli, who is famous for his roles in web shows like Typewriter and Out Of Love, has shared how he and his family were tested positive of the virus. He wrote a long note for his fans and well-wishers to inform that he is now safe of the virus and it is not something to be scared off, but rather to be prepared for. 

On April 7, 2020, Purab took to his Instagram handle and shared his story of how he got to know that his family was infected and how he fought the difficult time. He shared that it was his daughter, Inaya, who was the first to get it, followed by his wife, Lucy. His long note can be read as "Hey guys, we’ve just had flu and given our symptoms our GP says we were down with COVID 19. Pretty similar to regular flu with a stronger cough and a feeling of breathlessness. Inaya got it first and very mild. A cough and a cold for two days. Then Lucy got it more in the chest, quite similar to the cough symptom everyone has been talking about. Then me, I got a solid cold for one day which was horrid then it vanished and this irritating cough set in for 3 days."

He further wrote, "Three of us had only mild 100-101 temperatures and fatigue. Osian got it last with a 104 fever for 3 nights. Also a runny nose and a slight cough. His fever disappeared only on his 5th day. We were constantly in touch with the GP on the phone. Apparently everyone in London is getting it and it's rampant here, and a few people we know have gotten it."

Purab further shared some remedies to combat the virus, and wrote, "Just wanted to share it with you if it helps reduce the panic a little to know someone who has had it and is fine. On Wednesday last week we were out of self imposed quarantine and are not contagious any longer. We were doing 4 to 5 steams and saltwater gargles a day, ginger Haldi honey mixtures to soothe the throat really helped. Also warm water bottles on the chest really helped relax the chest. Hot baths helped the fluie feelings. And of course lots and lots of rest even now after two weeks we can feel our bodies still recovering."

He concluded his note with a sweet message, "Please stay safe. I hope none of you gets it but if you do, know that your body is strong enough to fight it. Seek proper advice from your doctors as the intensity of each case is different as was in my household alone. And please stay home and rest the body as much as possible. Lots of love."  (Also Read: Charu Asopa Sen Gives It Back To The Trollers Who Wrote Nasty Comments On Her Pictures With Hubby)

Earlier, in an interview with The Indian Express, Purab had shared his love story and had talked about his love child. He had revealed, "There was pressure to get married. My mother was the most concerned and my family did say you guys have to get married quickly when she was pregnant. But I was adamant about not doing it because I never wanted my baby to feel that we got into a relationship because she was coming. Her coming into this world has transformed both our lives for the better. She is our love child and has bloomed even more love between both of us and made me love life more."  (Don't Miss: Smriti Khanna Reveals Her Due Date And How She's Spending Her Last Pregnancy Days With Hubby, Gautam)

Well, we wish Purab and his family, a healthy and happy life! 

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