Planning Guide: Everything You Should Know About Clubbing Your Mehendi And Sangeet Ceremonies


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Planning Guide: Everything You Should Know About Clubbing Your Mehendi And Sangeet Ceremonies

Indian weddings are known for their sacred customs and rituals. For the world, these weddings are a serious affair and are considered to be full of traditions that need to be followed but, they do not know that our weddings have a lot of elements of fun and frolic too. The mehendi function, that is one of the main functions for the bride and her family, is extremely happening and entertaining.

There is also sangeet, known as ‘guan’, that is yet another major function for both groom and bride’s family, wherein all close relatives and friends come together to celebrate the happiness of the couple by performing on various foot-tapping Bollywood numbers. 

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However, people are often unable to decide if they should club the mehendi and sangeet functions or have them separately. If you are stuck in the confusion too, then here is what you need to know.

We have stated some of the pros and cons of clubbing your mehendi and sangeet functions, so you can make a better decision and plan your wedding functions well.

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#1. It will save a lot of money

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The biggest advantage of clubbing your mehendi and sangeet functions, is that you will end up saving a lot of money. All the expenses of the hall, catering, music and also your outfits and jewellery for the mehendi and sangeet functions can be reduced and hence saved to use somewhere else.   

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#2. Dancing on mehendi songs with mehendi on the hands will be very entertaining

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Just as weddings are incomplete without mehendi, sangeet performances are incomplete without mehendi too. The joy of dancing on songs like ‘mehendi laga ke rakhna, doli saja ke rakhna’ with mehendi on your hands will be a hatke experience.

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#3. It will save time

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It can save you one entire day. When you have a two-in-one function, it helps you save a lot of energy and time that needs to be saved during the wedding functions. You might as well use this extra day to take rest or have a tiny family function that would not make you very tired.

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#1. Mehendi can spoil your expensive dress

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You sure do not want to spoil your dress on your special day. You may have got a dress specially designed for your sangeet, but by clubbing your mehendi and sangeet functions you are taking this big risk. It may not be because of your fault, but sometimes out of excitement while performing or just someone else’s mistake, you might spoil your dress and your mehendi.  

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#2.  People who hate mehendi or are allergic to it may avoid the function

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There are a lot of people out there who hate the smell of mehendi or are purely allergic to it. All of them will definitely reconsider attending the function as most of the women would be roaming around with mehendi on their hands. They may not want to miss out on the sangeet performances, but just because of the mehendi, they may avoid attending the entire function.

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#3. It can be difficult to perform with mehendi on hands

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Yet another con of clubbing these two functions is that you may not be able to perform freely and with ease. Your dance movements may be restricted because of your mehendi. Also, a couple dance that needs you two to hold hands and come close, may not be possible as it can spoil your mehendi and his hands and sometimes even his clothes.

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Now, it is entirely your decision whether you want to club your mehendi and sangeet or want to keep them as two different functions to stay out of any mess. Whatever the case might be, do not forget to dance your heart out and have fun! 

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