8 Things Every Girl Would Love To Steal From Her Mother's Closet


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8 Things Every Girl Would Love To Steal From Her Mother's Closet

It is your wedding and you have shopped from the best possible shops and designers. But there is another place you can get the most exquisite and beautiful stuff for your big day, the most coveted and plausible place in the world- your mom’s closet! It is that secret place where you can always find something precious and priceless. All mothers in the world have something stored for their daughters and they love to give it to them when they are getting married. Apart from that, there are other things which a daughter would love to sneak from her mother’s collection to her closet. Let us find out what those things are.

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#1. Irresistible silk sarees

Who does not want to emulate her mom? And, the best way to look like your mom and feel her presence is to wear her clothes. Those vintage silk sarees or some original brocade can simply put you in awe. Pick those sarees and make them a part of your wardrobe when you are getting married. You can wear them either as it is or get them revamped or redesigned. We are sure, whenever you wear those sarees in your in-laws' home, you will grab eyeballs and accolades for sure.

#2. Antique silver trinkets

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How can you forget that clinking silver jewellery of your mom? The pretty payal and its tinkling sound, those uniquely designed bracelets or those cocktail rings to rule your fingers. Trust us; they are the best things you can snag from your mom’s jewellery box. You can wear them with your modern dresses or with traditional ones.

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#3. The soul of 70s and 80s

sharmila tagore

The retro style comes back after every few years, and if you are lucky, you can find those sizzling hipsters in different shades and those oversized goggles in your mom’s wardrobe. These styles will always remain in vogue and you can even preserve them for your next generation. Even those floral dresses have their own charm.

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#4. Cosy shawls

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One thing that you will miss the most after your marriage is your mom’s warmth and caress. However, do not worry! You can still feel her love in her beautiful shawls. Your mom’s wardrobe will be filled with different types of shawls of all sizes and colours. The beautiful cashmere shawls, the mesmerising Kutch shawls or the exquisite pashmina shawls; they have it all.

#5. Handmade purses

konkona sensharma

Do you remember that crochet purse woven by your grandma or the purse embroidered by your mother? There is no match to it, right? Handmade things are always unique because they have a personal touch. So, whenever you go out with them, you will not only feel proud but also blessed to possess something so beautiful.

#6. Scarves and dupattas

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Mom’s silk scarf is your perfect answer to modern stoles. Those long silk scarves with beautiful prints look beautiful when paired with modern dresses. In addition, those heavily embroidered dupattas or the ones with beautiful motifs go with many kinds of dresses.

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#7. The pearl connection

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The only place apart from the sea, where you get pearls of different sizes, shapes and colours, is your mom’s collection. Even a single strand of pearl necklace can work wonders for any outfit. Pearl bracelets, bangles, studs or danglers are a necessary take-away from your mom’s treasured collection.

#8. Her old photo

girl photo

A picture of your mom when she was newly married is worth a million bucks. In fact, it is priceless! Keep it safely with you, not just to look at it when you are away from her, but also to try to draw inspiration from her picture!

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Well, they do not say “old is gold” without a reason. Your mom’s closet is a treasure trove filled with infinite love and seamless fashion. Do let us know if you would want anything more from your mom’s precious collection!



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