Body And Hormone Changes: The Emotional Challenges Of Pregnancy According To Trimester


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Body And Hormone Changes: The Emotional Challenges Of Pregnancy According To Trimester

Every woman goes through various emotions during her pregnancy. Some of the emotions are common while the others are poles apart, but one thing is there for sure, that being pregnant is a roller coaster ride!

Here are some of the emotions that all pregnant women go through all the three trimesters!

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First Trimester

This is the very first phase of a woman’s pregnancy. It begins on the first day of your last period and lasts until the end of the 12th week. Here are a few emotional ups and downs that a pregnant woman experiences in her first trimester.

#1. Mental stability


When a soon-to-be mother sees a positive pregnancy test result, there are a lot of things that she feels. Some females are excited about the future while others are scared at the thought of it. In any case, making peace with the fact that there is a life growing inside you is tough to come to terms with.

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#2. Stable baby, unstable mother


The first trimester leads to a spike in the hormones. Human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG reaches its height during the initial pregnancy. This is important for a stable pregnancy as it helps the embryo to settle in the womb, but this is the reason why many women experience morning sickness in the initial stage of the pregnancy. It also makes you extremely moody.

#3. No body control frustration


Most women feel frustrated throughout their pregnancy because they feel like they are slaves to their own body. Pregnancy means weight gain, no bladder control, gastric issue, exhaustion, swelling and much more. At times, their body doesn’t allow them to do the everyday things which lead to frustration.

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Second trimester

This is the phase of the pregnancy that begins from the 13th week and ends in the 27th week. In this period, mother-to-be starts feeling the first movements of the baby. Here are the emotional ups and downs face by a pregger during this phase:

#4. Fear of tests


After the thought of being pregnant actually sinks in, there comes the fear of the tests. This is the most stressful time for any mother as a lot of tests and scans are done to determine the health of the baby. Plus, there are a lot of risk factors involved. The fear of the known grabs a woman every time she visits her doctor.

#5. Changing body


The body starts changing during the second trimester, which hits some females really hard. The belly will grow along with other body parts. There might be some scary marks. Very few women experience hair fall as well. This makes her wonder if at all she will be able to get back in shape and size!

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#6. Changing relationship


Not only the body, your relationship changes as well, and this could go either way. Some women lose their confidence due to weight gain, which leads to some friction between her and her husband. But, when a woman is at peace with her body, her yet-to-be-born child helps the father and the mother to get closer.

#7. Love


It is in the second trimester that a mother truly connects with her child. Her child’s movements make her overwhelmed. This is when motherhood embraces her.

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Third Trimester

This one is the most interesting phase of the journey of being pregnant since it’s full of contrasts. Here are the emotional ups and downs in this last phase of the preganancy:

#8. Bye-bye fear


The mother and the child are more stable in the third trimester. The mother isn’t called as often for the tests now. This makes her feel secure. The initial time of the final trimester is the time when she enjoys her pregnancy the most.

#9. Anxiety


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As the due date comes nearer, anxiety grips the mother again. She is scared about the labour pains. She also wants everything to go smoothly so that she can have a healthy baby. She is scared of that final moment.

#10. Nesting


Nesting is the preparation that parents do in advance to welcome their child. This is the process that gives a mother some relief. It makes her feel joyous and hopeful about the future. This helps her to calm herself during the final days of pregnancy.

Being a mother is a wonder of nature. Carrying a life within yourself is nothing less than magic. Pregnancy is never as easy as they may look, but when a mother holds her child, she forgets about all the pain. We hope that you have a save and easy pregnancy.

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