Precious Tips To Take Care Of Your Expensive Things


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Precious Tips To Take Care Of Your Expensive Things

We all soak in the pleasure of our materialistic treasures, but do we all spend equal time maintaining it? While some of us go out of our way to look after such prized possessions, others just forget them after using them. Standing at the advent of a wedding season, there is no better time to learn about the craft of maintaining luxurious items, be it either bags and shoes or clothes and jewellery. Apart from buying only what one needs, what really works is caring for the stuff religiously. For all compulsive shoppers out there, follow these steps to make the best of the opulent splash!

Care for clothes
Use mild detergents to wash your clothes and hang them dry. Make sure to take a look at the label inside the garments that clearly details all washing and caring related instructions. Send your clothes for dry cleaning when absolutely necessary.

Glittering Jewels
Don’t run to the jeweller and pay heavy cleaning bills. Put that time into using simple home tips. Brush your silver with a little toothpaste. Make sure the toothpaste contains baking soda and should not be gel-based. Leave it for an hour, and then rub with a soft cloth. This can also work in cleaning dirt off a diamond without tarnishing it. Kundan and Polki must be kept in thick layers of cotton for protection. If you have left your gold chains tangled, bring them out and place them on a plastic sheet and put some baby oil. Use two sewing needles to untie the knots.

Shoe Shimmer
Condition your shoes regularly at home by cleaning and polishing. Buy a good shoe cleaner in any form- gel, foam, liquid or spray. Use a soft cloth or a brush. When cleaning leather shoes, a little petroleum jelly can do wonders. Arrange your shoes neatly in a row while storing them, put them in a shoe bag and wipe them after use always, especially during the monsoons.

Goodie Bags
Loving your designer handbags must be accompanied with lots of care. Make sure you keep the authenticity card and bill intact as it comes handy at times of repair. Try buying dark colours or prints since they are easy to maintain. Watch what you carry in it! Lotions, perfumes, pens must be avoided because they can leave a stain in case of leakage. Keep the bag inside the duster and store it on top shelf or closet. In fact, putting the stuffing back inside the bag can help retain its shape. Also, take the bag to a cleaner once a year at least.

Watch Out!
All watches must be cleaned and serviced every two years. Make sure you check the batteries also. Avoid too hot or cold temperatures. Leather bands must be protected from perfumes and water. Exposure to saltwater is also not good. Automatic watches need winding twice a week.

Make sure the storage areas for expensive items are pest free, and you stack your things in proper order. Consider maintaining a list of what’s where as it helps prevent loss or theft or your favourite goodies!

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