Top 6 Places For A Pre-wedding Photoshoot In Delhi


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Top 6 Places For A Pre-wedding Photoshoot In Delhi

Of the many trends dominating the Indian wedding scene lately, the one that is getting really popular is that of pre-wedding shoots. This rather western concept is now one of the must-haves for almost all couples. When it comes to a pre-wedding shoot, couples these days usually prefer natural settings over a pretentious background. This option is favoured by photographers as well.

Delhi is laced with several beautiful locations that are perfect for a shoot with your sweetheart to make for some lovely memories. Here are 6 names that we think would make for stunning pre-wedding shoot locations.

#1. Lodhi Garden

A couple sharing a special moment at Lodhi Gardens (Image Courtesy: Rishabh Sood Photography)

The lush greenery in the beautiful garden is a perfect setting for any photographer. Early morning lights provide an ideal setting for mesmerising pictures and to capture the natural look and expressions of the bride and the groom. The colourful flowers in the background provide a much better setting than the artificial decorations in a studio.

#2. Humayun’s Tomb

Celebration of love at Humayun's Tomb (Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography)

There are a lot of historical places in Delhi that can provide the vintage feel that is most sought-after when it comes to photo shoots. The most popular among these is Humayun’s Tomb, which is a perfect place for achieving the desired results smoothly. For those who are looking for an "old" look for their album, this is the place to be.

#3. Hauz Khas Fort and Lake

A fun moment captured at the Hauz Khas Lake (Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography)

This is another place in the historic Delhi that truly deserves to be at the top in the list. For couples who want their images to look unique, this place will serve the purpose. If you wear something casual for your shoot here, the contrast with the rustic background will give a different twist to the final photos.

#4. Deer Park

A young couple dancing to the tunes of love in the Deer Garden (Image Courtesy: ClickSutra Photography)

Just near Hauz Khas, this can be your next stop after shooting at the Hauz Khas Fort. The Deer Park has a regal feel to it and makes for a great place for pre-wedding shoots.

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#5. Neemrana Fort

A candid moment captured at the Neemrana Fort (Image Courtesy: Arjun Kartha Photography)

Just a couple of hours drive from the main city of Delhi, Neemrana is a perfect host for soon-to-be married couples. It provides with some breathtaking backgrounds and gives a feel that can only be compared to Rajasthan royalty. So, if you are looking for something close to a royalty, this is your place.

#6. An "All-in-One" Place- The Perfect Location

While all the places mentioned above, will provide you with picturesque backdrops for your romantic pre-wedding shoot, there would be certain privileges that you might be missing here. As these all are public places, one of the most important things that the couple and their photographer might not get here would be- privacy. Secondly, as the shoot would be quite a time taking process, you might need to use the restrooms often. But, you cannot be sure of finding the hygienic ones, or finding one at all, at such places. And lastly, you would not find any changing rooms at these places. So, you would have to get the entire shoot done in just one outfit.

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Find a place that you can tag as "all-in-one", where you can get everything from stunning backdrops to amazing and fun props (Image Courtesy: The Perfect Location)

If these facilities are something you cannot do without for your pre-wedding shoot, then you can opt for a location that is specifically meant for this purpose. Yes! There are a lot of places that provide their services to the couples when it comes to having a pre-wedding shoot. And, for all our soon-to-be married couples in Delhi and surrounding areas, here is one good option for your pre-wedding shoot, The Perfect Location.

A beautiful shoot that shows another heartwarming setting you can find at The Perfect Location

The Perfect Location, near Faridabad, provides stunning backgrounds with complete privacy to the couples and their photographers, for creating a perfect frame. It offers both man-made and natural settings for the couples to get the most out of their pre-wedding shoot. The place also features certain offbeat and unique props, like an old car, carriage, etc.

From carriages to cars, The Perfect Location has it all to give your photo shoot either a vintage or a modern touch

What’s more? You get a state-of-the-art makeup room with attached dressing rooms and washrooms. So, for the couples looking for a complete package in terms of variety as well as comfort, The Perfect Location certainly is the perfect choice.

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Why go for a natural setting?

There are several places where a pre-wedding shoot can take place. Many couples even prefer the decorated wedding venue itself, or the photographer's studio. But here is why you should consider going for a natural setting. 

A splendid backdrop with natural lights

Photographer Rishabh Sood explains that shooting at locations rather than the studio or a closed space offers a wide array of backdrops. “Gardens for instance, especially early in the mornings, have a lovely natural light that most equipment cannot give. It just brings out the emotions and colours perfectly,” he says. He also adds that various elements like trees, flowers, lakes, ancient monuments, etc. make for beautiful backdrops that bring out the colours of the outfits too.

Natural lighting and outdoor settings can give you such amazing pics that you just wouldn't stop yourself from revisiting them again and again (Image Courtesy: The Perfect Location)

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A cost effective option

Choosing a natural setting rather than a photo studio naturally cuts the costs. The extra lighting equipment, costs of props or decorations, and many such overheads can be given a miss when shooting at public gardens, monuments, etc.

Gives an ‘extravagant’ feel

Well-shot images with a well-envisioned theme or concept give rich looking results that are otherwise achieved with lavish props at much higher costs if you were to opt for a studio.

Wherever you are, use the natural backgrounds to make your photos even more interesting and creative, just like this couple and their photographer did (Image Courtesy: ClickSutra Photography)

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A chance to be yourself

The actual wedding hardly gives the couple a chance to be themselves. A pre-wedding shoot, especially in natural locales makes the couple be at ease. It offers the couple a chance to laugh, talk, walk and just enjoy each other’s company, while the photographer captures the candid moments.

A young-at-heart couple captured near the Parliament House (Image Courtesy: Arjun Kartha Photography)

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Things to keep in mind

After you have finalised the places for your photo shoot, here are some pointers for you (and your photographer) to consider:

  • Discuss your ideas about the theme, concept, outfits, etc. with your photographer. Do not surprise him with sudden change of plans on the day of the shoot, as he might come prepared with some ideas.
  • Photographers usually have a vibrant imagination when it comes to the final result. Take their professional advice and go with their instinct. It works well most of the times as they take into consideration many aspects like the natural light, the backdrop, colours of your outfits, etc.
  • Keep in mind that some places (especially historical monuments) might require taking a written permission from the authorities in charge.
  • Visit the location before the actual shoot to get an idea of what to expect.
  • Some places are best visited early in the mornings. So, plan your shoot accordingly.

Add as many elements and props as you want to make your photo shoot show your true love and personality (Image Courtesy: The Perfect Location)

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With these guidelines, we are sure your pre-wedding shoot will turn out be fun and easy. It will definitely be a stunning memory to last for a lifetime.

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