Dharmendra's First Wife, Prakash Kaur Still Defends Him For Re-Marrying Hema Malini

We are all familiar with the legendary love story of Dharmendra Deol and Hema Malini. But we don't know much about Dharmendra's first wife, Prakash Dharmendra Deol. Scroll down to know about her story


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Dharmendra's First Wife, Prakash Kaur Still Defends Him For Re-Marrying Hema Malini

Accept it or not, Bollywood has ruined our idea of love! We have grown up thinking that 'pyaar bas ek baar hi hota hai'and that 'end mein sab kuch theek na ho to woh the end nahi hain dosto… Picture abhi baaki hai'. We have dreamed of filmy love and believed that someday Anjali will get her Rahul 'kyonki dosti hi pyaar hai'. And in the midst of it, we forget that the real world doesn't work this way. You don't really marry your first love and couples can end their marriage even after eighteen years of living together. Ironically, we have seen many such stories from the world of glam and glitz. We have also witnessed great love stories and some brutal heartbreaks, and one such story is of Dharm Singh Deol, who is popularly known as Dharmendra Deol. 

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Veteran actor, Dharmendra has enjoyed superstardom in his days, thanks to his impeccable acting skills and his angry young man look. He has successfully impressed the audience by portraying different characters. It was in the 70s when the entire nation was in love with the Dream Girl, Hema ji's exquisite beauty and Dharmendra ji also fell in love with her. It is said that Dharmendra and Hema's love was so pure that they had defied all odds and conquered society's raised eyebrows. We all know that Dharmendra had tied the knot with Prakash Kaur in the year 1957 and has two children, Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol from his first marriage. Despite it, the actor married Hema ji and converted his religion into Islam, so that he can keep his two marriages. 

While we are all familiar with Dharam ji and Hema ji's glorious love story and how they fell in love. Not many know about Dharam ji's first wife, Prakash Kaur. In the year 1954, Dharam ji had gotten married with Prakash when he didn't know much about marriage. However, there is not much spoken about her, heard about and not many wanted to even know about Prakash Kaur and her side of the story. For over two decades the simple lady has been living her life away from the media glare and stories surrounding her. Not once, she ever came in the media to share her side of the story or the pain she was going through when she had seen her husband married to another woman. She led a simple life and beautifully raised her four children, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Vijeeta Deol, and Ajeeta Deol.

Recently, we came across a rare and the only interview of Prakash Kaur from the year 1981 with the Stardust. In the interview, the interviewee has narrated her experience of how hard it was to get in conversation with Prakash, who has confided herself in the four walls of her Juhu bungalow. Every time the interviewee asks to see Prakash, her servants would give an excuse that she is either out of town or she is sleeping. But one fine day, the interviewee got the chance to meet the Jaat wife, Prakash. She described her first impression of Dharmendra's first wife as "A slim, medium height with dark circles under her eyes, Prakash was an ordinary-looking lady. However, Prakash firmly had said, "I don't talk to the press. My English is not good and I have nothing to say."


She further said, "I am a housewife. I love my home and children. I don't care what anyone has to say about me or the way I live. Everyone has their own lifestyle. I have mine, you have yours, so why point fingers?" Prakash further opened up on Dharam ji and said, "He (Dharam) is the first love and the last man in my life. He is the father of my children. I love and respect him a lot. What has happened has happened. I don't know whether I should blame him or my destiny for it. But one thing is certain, however far he may be from me, whatever might happen, but if I need him, I know that he'll be there. I have not lost my trust in him. After all, he is the father of my children."


Prakash also revealed her role in Dharm ji's life and said, "He may not be the best husband, though he is very good to me, but he is certainly the best father. His children love him a lot. He never neglects them. He is even launching Ajay's career. Everyone thought that I had made a deal with my husband that he could marry Hema if he launched my son's career. That is not true. How can such a thing be possible? Isn't Sunny as much his son as mine? Doesn't he love him as much as I love him."

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During those times there was a rumour that was making it to the headlines that Ajay had tried to assault Hema with a knife. Replying to this, Prakash said, "It is not true. Every child wants his papa to love only his mother. But then, that does not mean that they want to kill any other woman who loves their father." Prakash further said, "I may not be very educated nor am I pretty, but in the eyes of my children, I am the best woman on earth. Similarly, my children to me are the most beautiful bachche in the world. I know all my children very well since I have brought them up. And I can say this with full confidence that none of my children can ever hurt or harm anyone."

In the same interview, Prakash said, "I am learning to stand on my own. But why should I protect myself when I have my husband to protect me? I don't care what the world may say about the kind of relationship I share with my husband. Where I am concerned I know that my husband is protecting all of us. He comes home every day and spends time with the children." She waited and further added, "I don't say that he comes home for me. But what is important is that he does come home." 

Dharmendra Deol

Prakash also talked about Hema and how she understands her side as well. The star-wife stated, "I can understand what Hema is going through. Even she has to face the world, her relatives and her friends. But if I were in Hema's place, I wouldn't have done what she did. As a woman, I can understand her feelings but as a wife and a mother I do not approve of them." Prakash also defended her husband and said, "Why only my husband, any man would have preferred Hema over me. How dare anyone can call my husband a womaniser when half the industry is doing the same thing? All the heroes are having affairs and getting married for the second time." Prakash further said, "My father-in-law too is against film stars. I know his son is also an actor but then babuji never wanted him to be one. If babuji could have his way he would see to it that the whole film industry is wiped off.

Last year, we got hold of a picture, wherein we spotted Dharam ji celebrating his 65th wedding anniversary wish his wife, Prakash. The picture had depicted their love beautifully. Check it out below:

Earlier, in an interview with the Deccan Chronicle, Hema had talked about her decision of marrying Dharmendra. She ha shared that she never wanted to hurt anyone because of her love, not even his first wife, and hence, she never intruded in Dharam ji and Prakash's life. The Dream Girl had proudly stated that she never took Dharmendra away from his first wife and children. She was quoted as saying, "The minute I saw Dharam ji, I knew he was the man for me. I wanted to spend my life with him. I also wanted to make sure that the marriage hurt nobody. His first wife and children have never felt my intrusion in their lives. I married him, but I never took him away from his first family." 

Dharmendra and Hema Malini

Well, no matter what the world says and think about the love triangle in Dharmendra's life. But the star and his two wives, Prakash Deol and Hema Malini have been living their life with utmost pride and honesty. They have let bygones be bygones! 

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