Popular Wedding Superstitions


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Popular Wedding Superstitions

At my cousin’s nuptial, I happened to sneeze just when the bride and groom were to begin taking their vows around the holy pyre, and I will never forget the stern look the officiating priest cast my way, which clearly said, “couldn’t you hold it?” (as if anybody could!)

Welcome to the world of wedding superstitions from around the world and different cultures. You will be amazed to discover as to how trivial some of them sound and how astutely people adhere to them. Do not be astonished if you come across a particular custom that is supposed to bring good luck in wedding and married life in one culture and bad luck in another culture. The world we inhabit is quite quirky anyway!

These superstitions are basically followed because it is believed that the evil spirits are constantly looking for a chance to bring harm to the bridal couple on their Big Day. Therefore, all sorts of precautionary measures are taken to cast off the evil eye (the simplest being the “black dot” used in Indian customs to protect everything beautiful).

1. The groom should not see the bride in her wedding dress any time prior to the main ceremony. This is in fact, one of the reasons behind the wedding veil. Another reason for using the veil is to confuse the evil spirits regarding the identity of the bride.

2. An English bride should add something to her overall attire after she has admired herself in her bridal dress and makeup.

3. The single girls should keep a piece of wedding cake under her pillow and sleep at night. One who catches the tossed bouquet will be the next to marry.

4. In Scandinavian countries, it is considered lucky if the groom’s friends pour beer from beer cans over the horse of the carriage.

5. Some say that rainfall on the wedding day is a good omen while in some cultures it is considered to harbinger of tears. However, Rainbows definitely mean good luck, but how is a rainbow possible without rain?

6. Friday weddings are strictly avoided in Western countries (think Good Friday) and it is considered ominous for the couples to embark upon their honeymoon on Tuesday and Friday (so that leaves us with how many preferable wedding days?)

7. In European culture, June weddings are considered fortunate because June is named after Juno, the Roman goddess who is considered to be the patron of weddings.

8. In some culture, breaking of glass or mirror brings seven years of bad luck upon the bride and the groom. In other cultures, the number of pieces off the broken mirror/glass determine the total years of togetherness.

9. It is very romantic when groom carries the bride over the threshold but did you know that he does so because it is considered unlucky if the bride falters while stepping in her new home?

10. French believe that the first-born of the newly married couple would be the same sex as the kid who licked the icing off the wedding cake, before it was cut.

11. Best is the African custom where a bride is fed lavishly before the wedding because plump brides are considered luckier ;)

I am very sure that you know of many more such wedding superstitions. Would you like to share those with us?



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