7 Tips On How To Pack Smart And Travel Light For Your Honeymoon


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7 Tips On How To Pack Smart And Travel Light For Your Honeymoon

After the wedding day is over, comes the special time for which you and your partner have waited eagerly since days- the honeymoon! Amid the frenzy of functions scheduled before and after marriage, and hectic arrangements for wedding day, little time may be left for packing the bags for your special trip. As a result, you may end up stuffing too many bags with too many unnecessary things. You would definitely not want your luggage to become a problem on your romantic vacation, when you should actually be focusing on making the best moments come alive with your partner.

So, here is a guide on how you can pack like a pro and avoid getting into trouble for your luggage.

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#1. Plan in advance

It is always wise to make a list of things you need to take with you for your honeymoon well in advance, as packing in a hurry might actually make you forget the necessary items.  Besides, you can add more items in your list as you think of them, and have a note of inventory should the suitcase goes missing during your trip. Take out time before your wedding to pack your honeymoon bags, so that you can enjoy the post-marriage day and its functions, without having to worry about packing.

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#2. Pack only essential makeup items

You would definitely want to look stunning on each day of your honeymoon, but for doing so, you need not have to take all your makeup and cosmetic items. Pack in sunscreen lotion, moisturiser, lip balm, mascara and maybe a few other bare essentials in your kit. Carrying what is more than required will only eat up space in your suitcase.

#3. Decide your honeymoon attire wisely

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It is often a matter of great confusion when it comes to packing clothes and that too when it is for a special trip like honeymoon. Remember, it is not possible to pack your entire closet into a suitcase, and hence, you need to make smart choices when it comes to picking up outfits for your honeymoon. Select clothes depending upon the weather of your honeymoon destination. Go for a mix of some classic and some standout outfits to have ample options to play with during your honeymoon.

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#4. Stuff in wardrobe staples

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Pack a great pair of classic coloured jeans that you can match with a wide range of tops, tees and tunics. You can put in a few stringy, lacy clothes, mid-length and some short dresses, which will not take too much space into your luggage.

#5. Put in only the best pair of footwear

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You might love all your heels, wedges, flats, boots and all the other ones in your closet, but it is advisable that you pick only two or three pairs that are best suited for your honeymoon. Pack in a pair of comfortable flats or wedges that can help you explore the place without hurting your feet. Take in a pair of fancy sandals, just in case if you and your partner chooses to party all night. Sports or runners will be useful when you and your partner decide to take up adventurous activities during your honeymoon.

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#6. Keep your outfits ready

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Once you have decided the clothes that you would wear during your honeymoon, also ensure that they are clean and ready to be used. Keeping the task of laundering your clothes until the last day may prove to be a bad idea. Moreover, laundered and pressed clothes will only ease the task of packing, as you will be able to make more room for other items. You can pack your undergarments smartly as well to save time. Stack your bras on top of each other and fold them up, roll up your camisoles, put one sock in the other pair and roll up this way to ensure you do not lose one of the pairs.

#7. Take bags that come with extra pockets

Look for a suitcase that comes with lots of pockets on the interior side and provides a good depth to help you fit all your essentials without making it look overstuffed. Extra pockets in your bag will allow you to take a good number of accessories that you would like to match with your clothes. You can also fit in your toiletries, flip-flops, belts, laptop and other important items in the pockets of your bag. Suitcase with heavy designs should best be avoided when going on your honeymoon, as they weigh more.

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Following the above tips will help you maximise space in your luggage while packing your honeymoon bags. Also, keep in mind the flight luggage rules you would avail when going off to your honeymoon destination to avoid last minute problems.



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