Neena Gupta's Daughter, Masaba Reveals Why She'll Never Have The Guts To Have A Baby Out Of Wedlock

West Indies cricketer, Vivian Richards and popular actress, Neena Gupta's lovechild, Masaba Gupta said she would never have the guts to have a child out of wedlock. Find out why!


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Neena Gupta's Daughter, Masaba Reveals Why She'll Never Have The Guts To Have A Baby Out Of Wedlock

Masaba Gupta is one of the leading fashion designers in India, and yet that does not make her immune to online trolling and abuses. From being called a 'bastard child' to people questioning her legitimacy, life has not been a bed of roses for Masaba. Now, in a recent media interaction, she has opened up and shared why she would never have the guts to have a baby out of wedlock. She has also talked about the man of her dreams and her idea about a romantic relationship. 

For the unversed, Masaba happens to be the daughter of iconic actress, Neena Gupta and legendary West Indies cricketer, Vivian Richards. When Neena had met Vivian in Mumbai back in the 1980s, they both knew that they could not marry because Vivian was already a married man. However, this did not stop them from falling head over heels in love. And when Neena had found herself pregnant, she had set an example by choosing the less travelled road and bringing a lovechild into this world. She had named her daughter, Masaba Gupta. 

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As Masaba Gupta's upcoming web series, Modern Love Mumbai is all set to release on May 13, 2022, she sat for an interview with The Indian Express. In the interaction, she was asked how the term 'modern' usually has a negative sense to it and if she has ever had to face the brunt for being a modern woman. To this, Masaba shared that her dearest mommy, Neena Gupta was called a modern woman for having a love child. Elaborating on the same, she said:

"All the time, my mother was called a modern woman. When she made Saans, it was called modern, and ahead of time. I have been tagged too modern for being born out of wedlock. Honestly, it's wonderful to be modern but there's no size that fits everyone. I think the responsibility of being modern is to be accepting, however, we have become more intolerant. I think we are going back in time."


In the same conversation, the ace fashion designer added that even in today's generation, a child born out of wedlock would be looked at differently. She said that being a modern woman, she still doesn't have the guts to have a love child and deal with whispers and taunts around her. In her words:

"Accepting is one thing but what happens behind the scenes is something else. You would pass comments like that she slept with someone and had a baby. I read stories of so many single moms who have had kids out of wedlock. They do have to deal with whispers and people talking behind their backs. Nothing has changed with time. Being a modern woman, do I have the guts to have a baby out of wedlock? Never. I don't want to take that extra pressure, and put a child in that space."

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In her upcoming series, Masaba will be depicting 'Saiba', who is in a search for a modern man. However, talking about her own taste in men in real life, she shared that a perfect man would be modern and timeless. Masaba can be quoted as saying:

"One has to be in touch with their ethics, culture and morals, things that we have grown up with. A modern or timeless man should be able to change with time and adapt to things. They should be fluid."


On the work front, Modern Love Mumbai is slated to release on May 13 on Amazon Prime Video. 

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