'Naagin' Fame Actress Married Shabbir's Elder Brother, Their Wedding Video Is Full Of Love


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'Naagin' Fame Actress Married Shabbir's Elder Brother, Their Wedding Video Is Full Of Love

When it comes to love stories, we have the most beautiful one right here. If you take away their famous tags, Sharika Raina and Sameer Ahluwalia are two simple people who just wanted to spend their lives with each other until the end of the time. And right now, they have embarked upon their journey towards their happily ever after.

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Sharika Raina Instagram

Sharika met Sameer for the first time in Rajasthan where he was the supervisor producer. The gorgeous lady was impressed by Sameer's professionalism. Soon, she saw his caring side when he had arranged for transportation after a late night shoot for those without any means. His simplicity and love made Sharika fall in love with him. After dating for a while, Sharika decided to propose to this amazing man.

Sharika Raina Instagram

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Sharika gushed:

"I took him to a coffee shop on the eve of his birthday. At the stroke of 12, I bent on my knees and proposed to him."

Sharika Raina Instagram

The journey of Naagin actress, Sharika Raina and Shabbir Ahluwalia's brother, Sameer Ahluwalia has been full of love which reflects in their wedding video. The love story that started on the sets of thw shoe finally got successful, and the lovebirds have embarked upon the new journey of their lives.

Sharika Raina Instagram

The couple had a Christian wedding before their beach wedding. Shabbir played the perfect best man by spilling some beans while giving his toast. Sameer is not loved just by Sharika, but by her entire family as well. They all are mesmerised by his zeal for life.

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Sharika Raina Instagram

Recollecting her first memory of Sameer, Sharika said:

"When I saw him for the first time, there was a person on the set wearing completely top to bottom white. He was a little far from my side and I was like 'who is he?'"

Well, according to the video, he is a momma’s boy!

Sharika Raina Instagram

Sharika also added:

“First time that we went out, I also noticed that he has a kind heart for everyone. That is the first thing that I noticed about him.”

Sharika Raina Instagram

Standing together at the altar, Sharika, in her white gown and Sameer, in his black suit, looked like a match made in heaven. The way they look into each other's eye would make you want to believe in the old school love. 

Sharika Raina Instagram

Everybody present to witness the union of these two lovebirds had nothing but blessings for them. Kanchi's toast for his brother and sister-in-law too was something that made this wedding beautiful. 

Sharika Raina Instagram

She raised her glass and said:

“To my sister-in-law, I hope you understand how lucky you are. Lucky enough to love and to be loved by this amazing man that I get to call my brother-in-law. As we both know that he is so incredibly special and I am glad that you both have found each other.”

Now witness their bond through their amazing wedding video:

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The sincerity with which they took their wedding vows foresees how wonderful their marriage is going to be. Those romantic strolls through the park, holding each other’s hands with smile on their faces make this wedding video extra special. This video is a toast to the ‘happily ever afters’.

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