8 Honeymoon Destinations That Have The Right Mix Of Romance And Music


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8 Honeymoon Destinations That Have The Right Mix Of Romance And Music

The traditional folk songs, jazz music, the concerts or the pulsating beats of a famous band can as much be a part of your honeymoon memories as a walk on the beach or a romantic candle-lit dinner. So, if you are a music lover and are all set for a new rhythm in your life with your special someone; here are some travel spots for your post-wedding getaway that would trigger love and of course those feelings in a stunning musical background.

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#1. Seattle, Washington

Image / Lonely Planet

Image Courtesy: Lonely Planet

When your vacation is for music and romance; it can't get as amazing as visiting Seattle. And if you are someone to pick up on grunge music, it is surely a world to be in. The biggest grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam have emerged and evolved here. So, no sooner you step here; you will find yourself caught in the fancy of some dynamic numbers.

Big names like Echosmith have performed live at The Showbox. 

The quality and the power of music here is just iconic and perfect. Just park yourselves at city's great music venues like The Showbox at the Market or Café Racer if you want to enjoy hipster, moody or multi-racial hip-hop. The music and the ambience at these hotspots are undoubtedly mind-blowing to get you in the groove or maybe get you in the mood of a romantic couple’s dance.

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#2. Melbourne, Australia


Image Courtesy: City of Melbourne (Facebook)

What better way to start a new life and express your love than in the musical city, Melbourne. The capital of Australia features some famous bands and solo artists that can make you and your loved one completely lost in its harmony. The songs and the music you can find here is diverse to lift your spirits up. Jazz, punk, hip hop or soul; Melbourne’s dancefloors offers you all.


Image Courtesy: Visit Melbourne (Facebook)

Melbourne is known for the hard-hitting vocals but it has also got some ‘soul’ music for the softer souls. Just grab a luxurious couch with your beloved enjoying your splendid drinks and the intimate moments. Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is amazing and a must-visit as it organises concerts to enrich the musical souls like you.

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Image Courtesy: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (Facebook)

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#3. Boston, Massachusetts


Image Courtesy: Visit Boston (Facebook)

Boston is a widely known honeymoon gem where the couples get to taste awesome and power-packed music. The music here will force you and your darling to clap, sway and dance together. Boston is the place where these legendary artists and musicians like Aerosmith, Boston and James Taylor were born.


Image Courtesy: House of Blues, Boston (Facebook)

If you both love classic, punk, hip-hop or rock; there are a few amazing venues like House of Blues, Harpers Ferry, Orpheum and TD Banknorth Garden that can be explored. Classical music is still an important part of the city’s cultural heritage. So, before you book your tickets and go out dancing; just be on the lookout for upcoming concerts which usually happen during summers. 

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#4. Jodhpur, Rajasthan


Image Courtesy: Jodhpur City (Facebook)

Festivals, forts and the royal events in Jodhpur are something everyone is passionate about. But having a taste of music, Jodhpur becomes all the more a place of prominence. The colorful costumes, ornaments, and various forms of music and dance make Jodhpur a music lover’s paradise. And moreover chances are, the melodies and the pieces of music will get you into a romantic mood. 



Images Courtesy: Jodhpur RIFF (Facebook)

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There are various venues in Jodhpur that feature folk festivals, especially Jodhpur RIFF (Rajasthan International Folk Festival) held at Mehrangarh Fort where more than 200 musicians and artists unite to celebrate Rajasthan’s folk music and history. 


Image Courtesy: Jodhpur RIFF (Facebook)

And why only folk, from a hippy jazz night to a comforting morning raga; you can relish different genres of music under one roof. And it’s not just music, you can also see some ethnic dances being performed by the artists here. So, be ready to be mesmerised by an array of strong and evocative songs and celebrate the special moments of your life by coming closer to the glorious heritage and culture of this desert land in India. 

#5. Portland Oregon


Image Courtesy: Travel Portland (Facebook)

Portland might not boast tropical beaches or romantic sunset, but it’s one of the most vibrant places in the US with venues and concert halls featuring indie rock and pop staples. In short, it’s a hub where you can unleash some unique, infectious and hard-hitting eclectic songs to get your pulse pounding. Rock, jazz or classical; the music here will not only inspire you, but also put you both in a mood to be a little rowdy and reckless.

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Image Courtesy: Mississippi Studios (Facebook)

One of the world’s top talent, ‘Indie band’ has emerged at this very place; the reason why Portland is dubbed as "America's indie rock Mecca" by slate magazine. It boasts a wide array of legendry music halls out of which Mississippi Studios, Wonder Ballroom and Edgefield reign supreme in attracting big performers and a huge crowd. So, be ready to be spoilt for choice and fall head over heels with your sweetheart.

#6. Goa, India


Image Courtesy: Goa Tourism Department (Facebook)

Needless to say, Goa is the coolest place in India for romance, honeymoon and the beach walks. It offers everything to fit all the age groups and genres. Couples, especially honeymooners enjoy the night life at this party destination like nowhere else. The high-soaring and blood-pumping tracks will enhance your sweetie’s mood and you both will surely feel sky-high within moments. 

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Image Courtesy: Sunburn Goa (Facebook)

The place has given birth to a unique form of music named trance. Hard trance or electronic music is unique to this place that draws in huge crowd. So, dance your night away or just unwind in the luxuries of Goa’s top-notch night clubs or festivals like Sunburn or Supersonic. The list of high-energy tunes will give you wings to take off to the seventh heaven. 

#7. Austin, Texas 



Images Courtesy: Visit Austin (Facebook)

Gear up for some craziness with the highly versatile music that the city has to offer. The catchy hits and the infectious chorus here gets everybody up and dancing. Austin is a hotspot for live music of every kind- hiphop, blues or jazz but country music is what’s famous here. Elephant room, Sahara Lounge or White Horse are the great places that get your heart racing.

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Image Courtesy: Visit Austin (Facebook)

Overall, Austin music scene is just amazing with moves and music to suit every mood and every new-in-love butterflies. The Continental Club is one of the city's most famous spots, boasting some of the finest Country and Swing bands. The venue- Broken Spoke also excites listeners giving a cosier experience.

#8. Los Angeles, CA


Image Courtesy: Discover LA (Facebook)

Just name your music preference and the venues of LA have got it right there for your entertainment. Mesmerising music and the tracks belted out by the DJs will elevate your moods for unlimited fun and enjoyment. Hollywood Bowl, The Satellite or The Wiltern; they are just glamorous and full of life for the music aficionados.

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Image Courtesy: Hollywood Bowl (Facebook)

City is also known for its rock music that you will madly fall in love with. The live performances, discotheque and the wonderful remixes bring in the vibes of romance rocking up your new love life. The joyous feeling of liking someone can well be related to the kind of music being played here.

So which of these places will you be going to for your honeymoon? Don't forget to share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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