Mukesh Ambani Had Spoiled His Brother, Anil Ambani's Perfect Proposal To His Then-GF, Tina Munim

Throwback to a time when Anil Ambani's elder brother, Mukesh Ambani had spoiled the former's perfectly planned surprise proposal to Tina Munim.


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Mukesh Ambani Had Spoiled His Brother, Anil Ambani's Perfect Proposal To His Then-GF, Tina Munim

Despite their outwardly appearance of being a busy business family, the Ambanis, on the contrary, are known to be quite family-centric and are deeply rooted in traditional values. Being constantly on the public eye, nearly all the members across every generation have won hearts with their solidarity and have set sheer family goals. Interestingly, did you know that the Ambanis, like every other ordinary family, have a few hilarious anecdotes, dating back to some specific events? Well then, let us take you through one.

When Mukesh Ambani spoiled his brother, Anil Ambani’s perfectly arranged proposal to Tina Munim

tina anil mukesh

It is a fairly general and widely accepted notion that a set of brothers can at times be the naughtiest set of siblings ever seen. Something similar happened in the case of the senior Ambani brothers, Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani, at a time when the latter was all set to introduce his then-girlfriend, Tina Munim to his parents. Well, it so happened that keeping Tina in the dark, Anil had planned a surprise wedding proposal for her, on the pretext that she would be meeting his parents, Dhirubhai and Kokilaben for approval.

But things took a different turn when Anil left Tina alone in the room with his brother, Mukesh, who ended up spilling the whole plan to her. Thankfully, while the hint had startled and alerted Tina a bit, it was one of the Ambani sisters, who had to step in and cover up the goof-up by calling it a joke. Speaking about the same during Simi Garewal’s show, Rendezvous¸ Anil recalled that moment and mentioned:

“Before I could do that (propose) I left the room for a few minutes, my brother asked Tina saying so how do you feel about that you are going to get engaged day after tomorrow." 

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Anil Ambani changed his perspective about actresses when he met Tina Munim for the first time

anil tina

Anil Ambani and Tina Munim’s love story was not any bit fairy-tale like and in fact, involved a lot of struggles and realities before the duo ended up being together. An interesting facet about their love story was back in the day when the duo had met each other for the first time. Anil, who had previous notions about an actress working in the Hindi film industry was completely blown away by Tina, who was absolutely different. Revealing how he found Tina to be authentic and real, Anil Ambani once mentioned:

“When you meet someone from the film fraternity, you have certain notions about them. I have known many people from that industry, but she is just different. The attraction came about only after I met her.”

Anil’s brief contact with Tina during their breakup phase which hurt the latter

anil tina

During a specific time of their love story, Tina and Anil had faced stiff oppression from both their families, who were quite apprehensive about the duo’s match. And so, when their families refused their union, the duo unquestionably broke up and ceased communication for about four years.

Interestingly, it was a mere phone call after four years that had broken the ice between the two yet again. It so happened that when Anil learnt about a severe earthquake in LA, he was at once concerned about Tina, who at that time was residing there. Sadly, it was a short phone call, and had hurt Tina’s feelings quite a lot. Recalling the same, Tina once mentioned:

“That was the time I was so upset and crying away. And, I said why this guy called me, came into my life, and revived all the things? Obviously, he cared that’s why he wanted to know whether I am ok or not. But, he did not even complete the conversation. The least he could do is complete the conversation.”

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Anil Ambani’s plead to Tina’s parents to give her hand for marriage

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After the Ambani family had accepted their match, Anil had wasted no time to plead Tina Munim’s parents as well for their acceptance. And quite unbelievably, Anil had made quite a filmy proposal to the latter’s parents, which had ultimately won its purpose. Recalling the same in one of his interviews, Anil Ambani mentioned:

“I went to her house in Khar. Tina's sister and brother-in-law were there. They both were quite shocked to see me because they didn't know what was going on (in Mumbai). Her brother-in-law went inside to tell her mother. She was shocked to see me. I said that you love your daughter, Tina, very much, and she said yes, absolutely. I said that if that is the case, then you can keep her here otherwise, I very much wanted to marry her.”

What do you think about Mukesh Ambani spoiling Anil Ambani’s proposal?

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