MS Dhoni And Ziva Do A Happy Dance At His 38th Birthday Celebrations [Video Inside]

Mahendra Singh Dhoni turned a year older and he celebrated it with the two gorgeous lady love of his life, Sakshi Dhoni and Ziva Dhoni. Scroll down to see the father-daughter duo dance!


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MS Dhoni And Ziva Do A Happy Dance At His 38th Birthday Celebrations [Video Inside]

The long-haired man, Mahendra Singh Dhoni from Ranchi made the entire world swoon when he entered the Indian cricket. His name wasn't something which could be easily forgotten and soon he was hailed as the beginning of a new era in cricket. He has not only made us win the world cup under his captaincy but has also set a huge example with his empowering words. We still remember the time when he had clearly stated that he is on national duty and everything else in his life can wait. (Recommend Read: MS Dhoni's Daughter Ziva Turns Bunny As She Cheered Team India While Flying The National Flag [VIDEO])

The cricketer had, time and again, stated that till the full stop doesn't come, the sentence is not complete! And we are sure Dhoni's full stop in his cricketing career will not come so soon as he had many more matches to go and many more trophies to win. However, he is not just a good cricketer, who has a perfect command on his bat, but he is also a doting father to his little angel, Ziva Singh Dhoni and the perfect husband to Sakshi Singh Dhoni. 

Sakshi Singh Dhoni, Meahendra Singh Dhoni and Ziva Dhoni

On July 7, 2019, Dhoni celebrated his 38th birthday with wife, Sakshi and daughter Ziva. And we loved the adorable pictures and videos shared from his pre-birthday bash. In one of the videos, shared on Ziva's official Instagram handle, we spotted her doing a happy dance with daddy, Dhoni. Take a look at his birthday bash below:

MS Dhoni with wife, Sakshi Dhoni and Daughter, Ziva Singh Dhoni

MS Dhoni with wife, Sakshi Dhoni and Daughter, Ziva Singh Dhoni

Coming back to Dhoni's personal life that includes his gorgeous wife and a lovely daughter. The turning point came and he became more attached to his family with the arrival of Ziva. In an interview, he had talked in detail about embracing fatherhood, and had shared, "I don't know whether it has changed me as a cricketer, as a person yes of course because daughters are very close to their fathers. In my case the problem is when she (Ziva) was born I was not there (three years ago), most of the time I was playing cricket, so everything bad somehow is thrown at me (to deal with)" (Also Read: Mira Kapoor Yet Again Takes Away Shahid Kapoor's Heart With A Gorgeous Black Ensemble)

Ziva Singh Dhoni

Dhoni had also shared how Sakshi makes sure Ziva stays in the discipline by just mentioning his name, and had revealed, "Khana nahi kha rahi hai, papa aa jayenge khana khao (when she is not eating foot, she is told dad will come have food), if she is doing something wrong, papa aa jaeynge mat karo. So, in a way, she looks at me and she is slightly on the back-foot."

Ziva Singh Dhoni

In another interview, Dhoni had talked about taking the role of daddy, and had shared, "It is a very different feeling, and I personally find it very difficult to put it in words. It is more of an emotion, and I feel I have not really missed a lot of things in life, but after a while when I am outside, after a few days, I actually start missing Ziva. Not to the extent that it starts bothering my cricket and all, but it is the first time ever when I feel, maybe I should Facetime to see what she is really doing."

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

He had further added, "I love my country. I tell my wife she is only the third most important thing after my country and my parents, in that order. The point is that while I am an Indian cricketer I will devote myself to that cause. Cricket is not everything, not by any means, but it is a large part of who I am. Therefore I want to play in all formats of the game and to play as much as possible because before long it will be over. Then I’ll focus more on the Army!”

In the same interview, Dhoni had also talked about his wife, Sakshi, and had said, "Sakshi provides the spark I might sometimes need. Jokes aside, she is the person to whom I have a reference. She is both loving and inspirational. Sometimes she travels with me but cricket is easier without having to ensure her safe passage. One day, we will see the sights together and she says that then, can she please move to number two on the list of my priorities! But for the moment I am here to play cricket. I have been given this honour to play for my country so I want to see it through." (Don't Miss: Sharad Malhotra And Ripci Are Enjoying Their Mini Honeymoon To Udaipur Before Heading To Paris)

Well, we hope and wish Mahendra Singh Dhoni keeps on shining like this in the world of cricket! 

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