6 Expert Tips To Make Your Makeup Last Longer During Monsoon Season


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6 Expert Tips To Make Your Makeup Last Longer During Monsoon Season

Monsoon calls for fragrant breeze, dampened meadows, and much more. And, all this makes way for a great time to break the monotony and infuse splendour in your makeup too! But, the rainy season also brings patchy foundation, dripping mascara, smudging lip colour, and unmanageable hair.

Well, to prevent this, use these ultimate melt-proof makeup and beauty tips, to add a new zing to your look this monsoon season.

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#1. Waterproof base

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The rainy season causes humidity in the atmosphere, which leads to sweating and dripping of makeup. Therefore, it is suggested to apply a waterproof base followed by patting on loose powder to set the makeup perfectly on your skin.

Smart Tip: You can also alternatively use a two-way cake as a quick substitute for waterproof makeup during monsoons. A two-way cake can be applied either with a damp sponge or just like a dry loose powder.

#2. Ace that blush

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It is also recommended to use a powder-based blusher to infuse a natural flush on your cheeks in this season of romance. You can try subtle shades of pinks and peaches, depending on which one suits you the best.

Smart Tip: Blending nicely is the key while using blush-on, for a soft and natural look.

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#3. Eye basics

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Bright colours certainly look more beautiful during monsoons. So, when it comes to eye makeup, you can probably add some spark by using dazzling colours and let your eyes do all the talking. You can use shades such as bright pink, blue and orange.

Smart Tip: Using waterproof eye makeup basics (liner, kohl and mascara) are recommended in rainy weather to save your makeup from dripping away.

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#4. Long-lasting makeup effect

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If re-touching the makeup of your eyes seems like a fussy affair to you, go for long-lasting kajal (kohl) and eyeliner application, and say goodbye to your woes. This will last for at least 10 to 15 hours and will keep your eye makeup worries at bay.

Smart Tip: Even if you apply long-lasting makeup, it will fade away by time. So, to make it last longer, avoid any exfoliation over the makeup area.

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#5. Neon bright

Monsoon makeup tips

As neon shades are making their mark in the fashion circuit, they will be a hit during monsoon season too. Different bright shades of red, orange and pink are some of the most popular shades these days. You can use these bright colours to make your monsoon merrier.

Smart Tip: Such electrifying shades look great with neutral ones. So, when you apply a brigh neon-hued lipstick, make sure you keep rest of the makeup nude.

#6. Hair woes

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It is advisable not to leave your hair loose or open as far as possible. Your hair can get oily by mingling up with the rain-water and sweat, which will make them look tacky. It is best to tie them into a high pony or a mid-rise bun, to beat the heat and humidity. One may also go for a short haircut in order to make a better style statement this season.

Smart Tip: Using hair gels is not recommended because they may cause dandruff and hair fall during damp weather. Also, one should wash their hair regularly to do away with hair problems.

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So ladies, keep these unheard tips in mind this monsoon and save your makeup from melting away. Not to forget, wish you a fun-filled and happy monsoon season!

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