Mirzapur 3: Shweta Tripathi's Husband, Chaitanya Sharma Praises The Show, 'Best I Have Ever Seen...'

Shweta Tripathi's husband, Chaitanya Sharma, heaps praises on the show, 'Mirzapur 3', and shares why he feels that the show is revolutionary.


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Mirzapur 3: Shweta Tripathi's Husband, Chaitanya Sharma Praises The Show, 'Best I Have Ever Seen...'

Shweta Tripathi is one of the most versatile actresses of her time in Bollywood, who rose to fame with the film, Masaan. Her charming personality, acting prowess, and sweet nature have won our hearts. She is currently ruling the audience's hearts with her recently released series, Mirzapur 3, and her husband, Chaitanya Sharma, can't stop praising the actress for her impeccable acting prowess. For the unversed, Shweta had tied the knot with the love of her life, rapper, Chaitanya Sharma aka Slow Cheeta, on June 29, 2018.

Shweta Tripathi's Husband SlowCheeta's views on Mirzapur 3

Shweta Tripathi impressed the masses with her astonishing acting capabilities in Mirzapur series but her husband, Chaitanya Sharma is absolutely in awe of her performance and the series. Taking to his IG account, Chaitanya added that the series is the kind of content he wants to watch. He praises the artistic approach of the series and said:

"Mirzapur 3 is the kind of content I want to watch us make. In a generation where we are forced to making things fast not last. Fast fashion fast food, fast forward. Fast everything. Art seems time bound which is why very few creations are timeless. In a world where attention span is meant to be 15 seconds and if you can't make a point in that much time, you are skipped."

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Chaitanya also added that the makers have guts to kill a famous character like 'Munna Bhaiya' midway to prioritise the plot. He added that every character in the series is well-written and has complex emotions, making them stand out and fun to watch. In Chaitanya's words:

"Someone has gone out there and made a show where they killed their most popular character, set up plots with patience, gave every character complex emotions rather than stereotypical black and white graphs, put a woman into gangster's world and made her a gangster rather than a 'aur maro isko,' created background music that is probably the best that I have ever heard and scenes that are the best I have ever watched."

Chaitanya Sharma credits the makers of Mirzapur for creating a masterpiece 

Chaitanya added that any change in the industry is met with resistance, so one needs to have faith in their craft to keep going, and that is exactly what the Mirzapur makers did. He praised the makers' choices to make the masterpiece and added that he is a big fan of the series. Chaitanya further added: 

"Any change is met with resistance. That needs guts, courage and belief. Any change is met with resistance because the audience is uncomfortable. They are not used to detailed narratives anymore. But that doesn't mean we create average content. It's our job to lift the standards and their job to watch better content. Thankyou team Mirzapur for taking a chance and delivering an absolute masterpiece. I can proudly show this off as content created in India and compare it to all the best shows I watch around the world. I am big fan of the show but bigger fan of the choice you all have made. It's tough. It's hard. It's terrific."

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Shweta Tripathi revealed that no one was ever bothered about the couple's age difference 

Shweta, at 39, is actually 5 years older than her husband, a fact that many are surprised to learn. However, their family and friends have always seen them as a happy couple, with many even assuming she was younger than him. Their happiness and love for each other have always been the focus, with no one ever judging them for their age difference. As WION quoted her:

"He is the younger one, but I always feel that I am the younger one. Once, when his dad's friend was watching TV, one of my ads played when his father said, 'Do you know this is Cheeta's girlfriend?' And that friend went like, 'Isn't she too young for him?' Everybody forgets I'm older. They never bothered. You don't fall in love with things like height or age. He is 6 ft tall and I am 5 ft."


Let us know your views on Chaitanya's opinions on Mirzapur.

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