Milind Soman's Wife, Ankita Konwar's Assamese Jewellery Was Unique And A Delight To The Eyes


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Milind Soman's Wife, Ankita Konwar's Assamese Jewellery Was Unique And A Delight To The Eyes

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon on April 21, 2018 when the news of Milind Soman’s haldi and wedding broke the internet and also a million hearts! Their wedding was a closed affair with minimal friends and family members attending the ceremony. On their ‘Big-day’, Milind and Ankita proved the proverb quite right: Handful of people who are worth it. True that, if you check out their pre-wedding videos, you can see how much the couple and their relatives are enjoying themselves!

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Apart from the simple yet beautiful settings, what actually stood out in the wedding was a blend of Ankita’s jewellery, her apparel and the occasion. Her dress was in complete accordance with her functions and she looked breathtaking in whatever she sported. So, here’s a complete list of her jewellery matched with her apparel as per the occasion. P.S., a tip for all the single and ladies and someone’s to-be out there, do take a cue from some of these ideas and look jabraat on your ‘Big-day’!

Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar


Ankita Konwar

For the haldi, Ankita sported a beautiful traditional Assamese attire called ‘mekhla-chador’. A mekhla-chador, unlike saree, is divided into two segments. One is the petticoat and another one is a piece of cloth which forms the pallu and front-ends the saree. Ankita colour-coordinated her mekhla-chador as per the situation and wore a yellow one. For her exquisite jewellery, she wore a piece of necklace called junbiri (jun means moon and hence her necklace resembles a half-moon) and teamed it up with similar earrings. She kept it minimum on her hands as she already had mehendi-adorned hands and wore a single pair of bangles on both the hands. Quite classy, eh?

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Ankita Konwar

As her mehendi ceremony was in the morning, Ankita decided to blend in with the environment like sun does to a day-sky! She wore a stylish yellow-coloured, sleeveless lehenga-choli with bare-minimum work on it and paired some beautiful floral jewellery to complement her dress. Check out her matha-patti, necklace, ear-chains, bracelets and her beautiful finger-rings which were made of mogras and yellow orchids.


Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar

Then came the evening when Ankita dazzled like a queen and again must have made Milind speechless with her simple yet elegant wear. For the evening, she kept it bright with a bright maroonish-pink mekhla-chador. She sported a classic choker golden-maroon necklace and statement chandelier earrings and maang-teeka to go with her dress. What caught our attention was the bright-yellow floral mini-garland which she tied around her bun. Girls, another look for you to get your fiance staring at you the way Milind looked at Ankita!

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Ankita Konwar

With one picture over another swaying the netizens, Ankita had promised to all fans and followers that she would kill it with her dressing throughout her wedding! How beautifully she carried the look of being both an Assamese and a Maharashtrian bride. Ankita again went with a faint golden saree on her wedding and looked beautiful. While she sported a semi-circle bindi and Marathi nathni, she again chose to go traditional with the rest of her jewellery. She wore a  gamkharu (broad Assamese bangles) which traditionally has a gold-plating on silver. Ankita wore a lokaparo necklace which was quite unique with beautiful designs of back-to-back twin pigeons adorned on it in traditional colours of red, blue and green. She also wore a single dhul-shaped pendant. Dhul is a design taken from a traditional Assamese instrument (quite like a dholak) which is used in several parts of India.

Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar

Wasn’t she amazing? Well Ankita, quite like the way you carry your relationship and give us relationship goals, you have given some serious jewellery goals for other to-be brides on what to wear and how to sport traditional jewellery. We wish you and Milind, a lifetime of togetherness and prosperity.

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