6 Messy Hairstyles That You Can Try On Unwashed Hair For An Effortlessly Glam Look


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6 Messy Hairstyles That You Can Try On Unwashed Hair For An Effortlessly Glam Look

Don’t you all have those days when you have to step out of the house for an urgent meeting, an instantly planned date or a family function and out of all days, it is just on that one day that your hair is unwashed?

Well, don’t you worry! We get you some stylish hairdos that you can try on your hair when it is unwashed and you have absolutely no time to wash it. Not only are these hairstyles easy to make, but they also add an oomph factor to your style statement!

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#1. The regular side braid    

For this hairdo, just make a clean side parting and bring all of your hair to that side. Next, make a side braid which is not very tight. After tying a band at the end of the braid, gently pull out hair from the braid from all sides. Actress Deepika Padukone has been seen sporting this look on many occasions.

#2. The bouffant ponytail

For this one, gather the hair on your crown area and backcomb it a bit. Now lifting it upwards, pin it up below the puff. Take rest of the hair and tie all together in a ponytail, high or low. And, there you have your bouffant pony ready!

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#3. The classic messy bun

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Taking all your hair into a ponytail, roll it inward into a bun and tie in a tight rubber band. Secure your bun with a few pins and then, pull out a few hair strands from the front as well as the back.

#4. The three-braid bun

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Make three sections of your hair. Now starting from your crown area, make three separate braids till the end. Tie transparent bands on them separately. Now take all together and tie them into a low bun and you are ready to go!

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#5. Deconstructed braid

This is one of the newest and trendiest hairdos doing the rounds these days, and has gained popularity especially after the gorgeous Sri Lankan diva Jacqueline Fernandez was seen sporting it. To make this braid, take strands of hair from both sides of your head, roll them inwards and secure them at the back of your head with pins. Now take a section of hair from the crown area and taking in the rolled strands from the sides, start making a loose messy braid. It may look complicated but it is as simple as that to make!

#6. The crown braid with open hair

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Make a neat centre parting and comb your hair properly. Now starting from the center, make a braid from each side and secure the two with pins at the back of your head. Now leave rest of the hair open. This hairdo looks particularly good on short hair.

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So, the next time your hair is unwashed and you need to go out, instead of just making a high bun, try these super cool and easy hairdos to make heads turn!

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