Measure Marriage Compatibility With Vedic Astrology


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Measure Marriage Compatibility With Vedic Astrology

Vedas are the most scientifically profound texts. Contrary to popular belief, superstitions and religious beliefs have nothing to do with the Vedas. Furthermore, Vedas are not a compilation of signs, stars and symbols that mean nothing to the common man.

Vedas have the power to predict, if not the destiny, at least the behavioral pattern of a person based on the charts that are drawn up considering his time of birth, gender, raashi (Zodiac) and nakshatra (birth star). In doing so, Vedic astrology measures compatibility between two people and to a great extent, this ancient science is bang on.

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We are not of the same wavelength
How often have you heard a man and woman meet each other during match making processes and then return to say, “No, we are not on the same wavelength.” Although this statement has become a clichéd response, it has its roots buried in Vedic science. These sacred spiritual texts are based on the principles of energies, wavelengths and frequencies of not just the elements of the universe, but also of these elements that exist within a person. Vedas tell you how the energies within you behave. In doing so, these principles also elucidate whether the energies within you match the frequencies and energies within another person. The process involves a whole lot of calculations, mathematics, common sense and deep rooted wisdom, but when done right, Vedic astrology can assess compatibility.

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Compatibility parameters
Modern day science has proved that with every emotion that you experience, your body emits energy of a different kind. Depending on what and how you feel, the energy emanating from you could be positive or negative and has a unique character. Every emotion or human trait in a person has a name and is a compatibility parameter according to Vedic astrology. These emotions are divided into eight categories, known as ashta kutas.
The eight categories are nadi kuta (excess energy compatibility), gana kuta (temperament compatibility), bha kuta (compatibility for constructive works), graha maitram kuta (friendship), yoni kuta (compatibility of basic instincts), tara kuta (comfort with each other), vasya kuta (compatibility in giving and sharing) and Varna kuta (compatibility of innate qualities). Planets and zodiac influence these kutas. Each category has a number. It is these numbers that the astrologers compute and determine the holistic behavior, likes, dislikes, desires and expectations.

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While judging compatibility, these numbers of the man and woman are added and the total obtained determines compatibility. If the total is less than sixteen, it means that the emotional characteristics, behavior, desires and expectations for the man and woman are different. So, if they are married, they generally encounter a lot of problems adjusting with each other. If the score is between sixteen and nineteen, the couple faces compatibility issues but can overcome problems and get along. A score above twenty implies good compatibility. It means that the man and woman share similar thoughts, wavelengths and emotional quotient.
So, does Vedic astrology quantify compatibility? Yes, it definitely does. 

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