Manglik Matrimony Remedies


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Manglik Matrimony Remedies

Consulting astrological charts to check for marital compatibility before marriage is a traditional custom of majority Hindu families. According to astrology, if you have mangal dosha, you are said to be a manglik. This can be a frustrating label to have, since it is astrologically believed that a manglik will have a dreadful marriage, in some cases causing untimely death of the spouse. Indian marriage traditions are immersed with astrology and hence it is important to have proper knowledge about getting married as a manglik.

Who is a Manglik?
A person born when Mars is in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12thhouse of the lunar astrological chart, is said be a manglik. It is also called mangal dosha. According to astrologers, if you were born on Tuesday you cannot be a manglik. Some particular planetary positions can also make the manglik dosha ineffective. Consult an astrologer with your complete horoscope to find out.  

Effects of Mangal Dosha
Mars symbolizes energy and passion. Having a mangal dosha indicates negative energy and violence. Manglik dosha is largely believed to affect married life. It is astrologically believed to cause tension and separation in a relationship. In some extremes it is supposed to lead to the spouse’s premature death. Due to these reasons, a manglik might have trouble getting married for a long time.

Manglik weds Manglik
The most ideal marital condition for a manglik is considered to be to marry another manglik. The two mangal doshas are believed to cancel each other out. The negative effects of each horoscope are supposed to nullify each other and create a positive future. Some believe divinity and devotion to Lord Hanuman helps. It can, however, get frustrating to wait before you manage to get a manglik alliance.

Manglik weds Non-Manglik
Astrologers believe that the destructive consequences of a manglik marrying a non-manglik can be eliminated by performing “kumbh vivah”. It is a ceremony wherein the manglik “marries” a sacred tree (banana or peepal tree) or a murti (idol) of Lord Vishnu, before marrying the non-manglik. There are some other poojas and upayas too that can be performed to nullify the mangal dosha.

Fact or Myth?
Although a large chunk of Hindus still believe in mangal dosha, there is an increasing population disregarding the manglik concept. Several mangliks have married non-mangliks and their marriages are thriving. Being a traditionally astrology-belief system, it is difficult to completely ignore the horoscopes, even though today’s generation is technologically highly advanced, demanding scientific proof for everything.

The manglik belief further gets fuelled when India’s most famous face Aishwarya Rai, a manglik herself, performed a false marriage with a tree, before she got married to Abhishek Bachchan. India’s most famed celebrity couple now have a model marriage, but if it has anything to do with “kumbh vivah” and eliminating the mangal dosha or not, is up for debate.


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