7 Fabulous Tips For Indian Brides To Choose The Perfect Mangalsutra For Themselves


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7 Fabulous Tips For Indian Brides To Choose The Perfect Mangalsutra For Themselves

A set of black beads held together by a yellow thread or a gold chain along with a pendant, a mangalsutra holds a special importance for every married Hindu woman. Symbolising the union of a man and a woman, it is considered to be one of the most precious ornaments for her. Something, which she has to wear throughout her life after getting married.

Well, this beautiful piece of jewellery comes in various designs to suit everyone’s taste. That is why; sometimes picking up the perfect mangalsutra becomes a bit difficult for many women. But, with the help of this simple guide, you will be able to find the best mangalsutra for yourself. So, let us begin.

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#1. Decide your budget

mangalsutra buying guide

Money factor is very important while selecting the mangalsutra. Due to various designs, cuts and metals, the price range of mangalsutra varies a lot. So, decide your budget and stick to it. It will help you in shortlisting your mangalsutra quite easily.

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#2. Decide the metal

mangalsutra buying guide

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There was a time when mangalsutra used to be made mostly in gold. But with changing time and demand, these ornaments now come in various metals like silver, gold, platinum, and white gold. So, just explore all the possible options within your budget first, and then decide what type of metal you want your mangalsutra to be in. And, if your budget allows you, then you can also look for the one that has diamonds in it.

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#3. Choose according to your requirement

Do not get carried away by other people’s choices and designs. Choose your mangalsutra according to your requirement. If you are looking for something to be worn daily, then choose a lightweight and sophisticated design, as it will be comfortable to wear on a regular basis. But, if you are looking for a mangalsutra to be worn on some special occasions, then the one with medium to large pendant and some intricate design will suit your requirement. So, whether you opt for a traditional or a contemporary design, make sure you pick it according to your need.

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#4. Select the pendant design wisely

mangalsutra buying guide

The pendant of a mangalsutra comes in various styles, like heavy designs, hanging pendants, small pendants, lightweight pendants, and many more. And, after seeing so many designs, it is quite likely for you to get confused about what to pick and what not to. But, select the designs by keeping in mind a few tips. Firstly, shortlist a few designs, and then try each of them one by one to find out which one will look best on you. Also, keep in mind the comfort factor while you try various designs. In addition, considering when and how often you will be wearing it will also help you to select a design accordingly.

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#5. Decide the length and design of the chain

Apart from the pendant’s design, it is also the chain of the mangalsutra that enhances its beauty. Hence, you should keep the length and design of the chain as well in mind, while selecting the mangalsutra for yourself. Look for the things like whether you want a short chain or a long one, should it have less black beads or should it be full of them, should it be single chain or double chain mangalsutra, etc. Keep the type of dress you wear mostly in mind to help you decide the chain length and design easily.

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#6. Look for matching earrings to make a complete set

mangalsutra buying guide

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Other than mangalsutra, another piece of jewellery that you would be wearing quite regularly is a pair of earrings. So, it would be even better if you match your mangalsutra with your earrings, so that you have a complete set.

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#7. Always check the hallmark for authenticity

mangalsutra buying guide

Yes, before buying a mangalsutra made of an expensive metal, always check the five marks for authenticity- BIS standard mark, purity grade, mark of Hallmarking centre, year of making and jeweller’s identification mark. This will ensure that you are not being cheated.

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Well ladies, your mangalsutra will be with you for lifetime. Hence, it should be bought after doing thorough research, and should not be bought in a hurry. So, simply follow these tips to buy the perfect mangalsutra for yourself.



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