Mandira Bedi Opens Up On Motherhood, Says, 'I Was Scared That Pregnancy Will End My Career'

At the age of 47, Mandira Bedi has proved that age is just another number with her fitness regime and a figure to die for, but like all of us, she too had her fears. Scroll down as she talks about it!


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Mandira Bedi Opens Up On Motherhood, Says, 'I Was Scared That Pregnancy Will End My Career'

Television's popular face, Mandira Bedi is a perfect example of a strong woman, who takes life as it comes. Apart from being an extraordinary actress, she is also an accomplished fashion designer, a gorgeous wife, and a hands on mommy. At the age of 47, she doesn't look a year older than twenty, thanks to her fitness regime. (Recommend Read: Neha Dhupia And Angad Bedi Celebrate Mehr's 10-Month Birthday By Posting Adorable Pics And Wishes)

The actress has redefined the meaning of womanhood for the women of all ages. She has been setting goals with her strong will and a positive attitude towards life. And while many at their late 40s cry their heart out of growing old, it seems like Mandira is ageing backwards. 

Recently, in an interview with the Hindustan Times, Mandira opened up on embracing motherhood at the age of 39, and revealed, "I gave birth to my son when I was 39, in 2011, as my contracts didn’t allow me to get pregnant. I was scared that if I get pregnant, it will be the end of my career."

She further added, "The entertainment business is brutal. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my husband, who has made our marriage a success." (Also Read: Mira Kapoor Trolled For Featuring On A Magazine Cover With Shahid Kapoor, For Her Double Standards)

Mandira also shared about entering the entertainment business in her early twenties, and said, "In my 20s, I was carving a space for myself in the world of entertainment. My 30s was the time that was riddled with insecurities. Now in my 40s, I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt. There is self-love and acceptance."

The actress opened up on her fears, "I thought my work is going to stop any day... looking at other actors working more than me on TV and films made me feel very insecure. When people would ask me why did I leave cricket or pity me saying ‘Oh, you aren’t doing cricket anymore’, I would have a sinking feeling in my stomach. It took me time to accept the change and realised that I didn’t leave cricket, it was they (organisers) who moved on to somebody new."

Coming back to her pregnancy, in a 2017 interview, Mandira had shared talked about gaining excessive weight in pregnancy. She had stated, "Then, at 38, I got pregnant. During my pregnancy, I gained 22kg. My gynaecologist said, “You’ve overdone it. Eight to 13kg weight gain is normal.” I never went overboard but I did gain the weight. At that time one of my co-actors advised me, “Just remember to lose your baby weight within seven to eight months. The faster you lose the weight, the easier is the process. Else, your body gets used to the excess weight and it remains.” 

She was further quoted as saying, "I always wanted a kid, and motherhood has been one of the best things to happen. However, I thought to myself, ‘goodbye to work and fit body’. But I was wrong and how. I feel the strongest post motherhood. My two half marathons happened after I delivered my son."

Mandira also shared how her son, Vir refuses to eat junk food, "He identifies junk food, and refuses to have them because they are “bad”. He tells me, “Pizza is junk food mumma, I won’t have it.” So here we are. A mother who wants her child to have pizzas and burgers, and a kid who is happy with the home- cooked dal, chawal and sabzi." (Don't Miss: Vivek Oberoi's Sweet Gesture For Abhishek Bachchan Is Hinting Towards Their Budding Friendship)

Well, we love how Mandira has been redefining motherhood!

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