Mandira Bedi Talks About Late Pregnancy, Work During 7-Month-Pregnancy And Dealing With Depression

Mandira Bedi had become pregnant at the age of 38 and had continued to work even when she was 7 months pregnant. In an interview, she talked about the same and revealed how she dealt with depression.


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Mandira Bedi Talks About Late Pregnancy, Work During 7-Month-Pregnancy And Dealing With Depression

As soon as a woman gets married, she is often bombarded with questions like, "Good news kab mil rahi hai?" "Family planning ke bare mein kya socha hai?” But, asking these questions is not okay. Giving birth is very difficult and coping after delivery can be traumatising for some women. A lot of women face postpartum depression after delivering the baby, which is again difficult to cope with. Talented actress, Mandira Bedi had welcomed her first child at the age of 38, and now in an interview, she revealed how she dealt with postpartum depression. 

For the unversed, Mandira Bedi had met Raj Kaushal in 1996, and after dating for three years, they had tied the knot on February 14, 1999. 12 years later, the couple had welcomed their first child, a baby boy, Vir Kaushal, and nine years after his birth, they had adopted a baby girl, Tara Bedi Kaushal, in 2020. However, Mandira Bedi’s husband, Raj Kaushal had breathed his last on June 30, 2021, after suffering a cardiac arrest.

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Mandira Bedi Raj Kaushal

Mandira Bedi had become pregnant at the age of 38. In an interview with Pinkvilla, the actress revealed why she had chosen for late pregnancy and how she had continued to work during her seventh month of pregnancy. She also shared that she loves her work and it had never come in between even when she was pregnant. Sharing the details, Mandira said:

“The older you get, the harder it is to get pregnant, to have a safe delivery. So, all of that was there. For me, the biological clock part of it was more than. Of course, all my friends had kids. And every now and then, there will be aunts and uncles, parents asking, acha good news? When are you giving us good news? When you are married for a few years they were like acha, why are we not hearing that you are going the family way? I decided this is it. At the age of 38, I was pregnant in two months. It happens in two months into actively trying and at age 39 I delivered. And my gosh here’s my son and I made him so beautiful. He like is all love.”

Mandira Bedi Hawan

Further in the conversation, Mandira also talked about her daughter, Tara. The actress had adopted a girl child from a small village of Madhya Pradesh. Speaking further about her little angel, Mandira said that Tara used to talk to people in the local dialect when she was 4 and added that now, she can talk in English fluently. Talking about the same, Mandira said:

“And here’s my little girl who comes at the age of 4 from Madhya Pradesh. And she’s come speaking a language like ‘Je kaun hai’, ‘Je Ka hai’? She spoke like that and now she speaks English like Mumma I don’t like this, I don’t wear this, Mumma what hairstyle we are doing today? She speaks this language now. Her own little brand of English.” 

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Mandira Bedi, Raj Kaushal, Vir Kaushal and Tara Bedi Kaushal

For the unversed, Mandira Bedi had begun hosting for ICC Cricket World Cups in 2003 and 2007, and she was seven months pregnant when she was hosting for India Vs Pakistan match. She had also hosted the Champions Trophies in 2004 and 2006 as well as the Indian Premier League season 2 for Sony Max. Recalling her pregnancy days, the actress said:

“I am driven by work. I love work. My work defines me. I was like I mean till whatever time. I told the channel I am pregnant and they say you wear sarees and you are sitting on these basket stools, nobody could tell you are pregnant. Not that I had a problem with that but imagine hosting a cricket show while you are pregnant. Not a very glamorous look but whatever. I was looking a little chubby I guess. But I didn’t wanna take a break.” 


Mandira Bedi is a fitness enthusiast and loves to exercise. Her Instagram handle is proof as she keeps sharing a lot of pictures of her doing exercise and yoga. And she does believe that fitness for her is nothing less than any therapy, and it was her mantra of dealing with postpartum depression. Explaining more on it, Mandira said:

“Well, it’s real. It’s a thing. For the first 40 days of giving birth, I was crying. I could not understand. Your hormones have taken a toss. You have taken a human being out of you. So, that’s what postpartum depression is. It’s a hormonal imbalance. Honestly, 40 days I had it and I was also told not to do exercise in those 40 days. And on the 41st day in the pouring rain, I went to exercise. It was monsoon and I went to exercise. And I have to say from the 41st day onwards I was miraculously feeling much better emotionally. So, exercise has a lot to do with your hormones as well. So that how it worked out for me.”

mandira bedi

On the work front, Mandira Bedi was last seen in series, Six

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