After 4 Months Of Marriage, She Was Thrown Out By Husband! Heartbroken, She Chopped Off Her Hair


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After 4 Months Of Marriage, She Was Thrown Out By Husband! Heartbroken, She Chopped Off Her Hair

There lies an uncertainty in every dimension of our lives. What might trigger (positive or negative), nobody knows. One such celeb who perfectly fits this uncertainty has had quite rough days and nights recently.

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We’re talking about the ex-Big Boss contestant, Mandana Karimi. She surprised everyone on January 25, 2017, when she announced her court marriage with her long-time beau, Gaurav Gupta. Three months later, on March 5, the legal husband and wife, were pronounced nuptial mates in a traditional Hindu style wedding.

Mandana Karimi Gaurav Gupta Affair

But, since then things have only seen rock bottoms and terrains for Mandana. What could possibly go wrong in three-four months?

So, what happened was that she left everyone bewildered, when she filed a police case against Gaurav on charges of domestic violence, just two months after their wedding.

Mandana Karimi Gaurav Gupta Affair

In fact, she had allegedly charged Gaurav and her in-laws to keep her as a house prisoner. According to a report in Mid-day, she was also forced to quit her acting career.

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And now, it seems that it’s getting difficult for Mandana to forget her past. The trauma that she has suffered is not letting her move on. She wrote on Instagram:

“About 3 years ago, I was in quite a good place. I met someone, at a time in my life when I’d thought that bit of my heart could never be stirred again. But then, that love went away. Rather, the object of it went away. Love itself was more stubborn. I thought he had died. Or been killed, or was in prison, but no idea he just left.

Mandana Karimi Gaurav Gupta Affair

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She went on to write:

And I had some very dark nights, nights that lasted for days at a time. And then I found out, he was fine. No, he’s more than fine. He’d found his own love, his family!

Mandana Karimi Gaurav Gupta Affair

She further added:

I wanted to be happy for him, I tried to be, but I was very, very bad at it. I start to chase away the questions of how a person, could behave in so inhuman a way. So now to get better, I have to learn a new skill. Forgiveness. And so far, it seems I’m also very, very bad at that. So I ask for your prayers.”

Mandana Karimi Gaurav Gupta Affair

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And not just this, a few days ago, she had even gone to lengths to chop off her hair, captioning it:

“Going going gone. Short hair don't care”

Here’s that picture:

Mandana Karimi Gaurav Gupta Affair

Doesn’t she seem happy in this post? In fact, later she also posted a quote by Coco Chanel on her Instagram handle:

Mandana Karimi Gaurav Gupta Affair

A couple of weeks ago, she had another reason to be happy. She had reunited with her doggo and posted a cute pic with her pet. It is to be noted here that earlier she had blamed her estranged husband for taking her dog away.

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Mandana Karimi Gaurav Gupta Affair

Well, it seems as much the rough times it has been for Mandana, she has been trying real hard to cope up with her emotional downslide, and we sincerely hope that she leaves her past behind, and begin all happily and all afresh!

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