10 Basic Rules Related To Lipsticks That You Must Keep In Mind Always


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10 Basic Rules Related To Lipsticks That You Must Keep In Mind Always

Girl's features are their assets which when highlighted and adorned properly can make them look even more stunning and gorgeous. And when it is about lips, you just can't take any chance with your lip colour. There are some methods and rules that you need to stick to for those luscious looking lips.

So, let us take a look at a few important tips and tricks to perfect the style of painting your lips. Here you go!

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#1. Stay away from illusions

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Usually, girls overline the thin lips to make them look fuller and vice-versa, but if worn in a wrong manner, it can instead give the pouts a "clown-y" look. So, we suggest not to play with your natural looks and just maintain your size and shape the way they are with right choice of colour and texture.

#2. Right combination

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We mean to say that when you are going bold with your lips, keep the rest of your makeup neutral. An unbalanced face with variations of shades all over is never a nice appearance. So, go bold and big with just one feature at a time. If rest of the features are highlighted the same way as your lips, you will end up looking messy.

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#3. Avoid glitters

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Several matte and cream-based lipsticks have replaced the super glossy materials these days. Subtle shimmers are still okay to go, but strong glitters and pigments must be avoided. Metallic pigments sticking to your lips or spilling out on your face will only result in a makeup faux pas.

#4. Don’t overdo

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There's just something about a bold lip that makes you get excited. But at the same time, the gloss finding its way on your teeth or getting leaky at the corners can spoil your entire look. So, to stay away from that hideous looks, play safe with lesser coats.

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#5. The right shade

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There are hundreds of stunning and flattering shades in the market you have set your heart on. But when applied, it doesn't work. There is a reason for that. You need to choose your lipstick colour wisely that suits your complexion. Just know your skin tone and figure out which lipstick gets best on you.

#6. Use primer

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Here is an extra step to make the lip-shade last longer on your lips. Use a high-quality primer before the traditional application to set the product (lip colour, gloss, lipstick) in place. It also helps create a uniform canvas on the lips for perfect application. You can also dab a powder or foundation in case you don’t have a primer.

#7. Use lip brush

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To have the lips defined at the bows and corners, you must rely on a lip brush. The artists always use a brush for the strokes as it leaves less room for mistakes as compared to applying it directly from the stick. A brush also helps manage the creases of the lips.

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#8. The technique

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Yes, there is a rule when you highlight your lips. You need to start from the centre of your lips and move outwards. This way you will end up making less errors. After applying, soften the edges that have smudged.

#9. Blotting

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Patting your lips with a tissue is useful when you need the shade to appear deeper. Keep blotting and give it another go with a second coat. This will have the shade to last longer and also add shine to the lips.

#10. Wash off and exfoliate

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Treat your lips just like you would your face. Remove the lipstick before going to bed. Scrub off your lips and then use a lip balm or a moisturiser. The process will leave the lips moist and succulent.

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Many of you apply lipstick on daily basis, but you are not getting the most out of your favourite shades? So, to get the best lipstick look ever, just go through these simple tricks. Even the lipstick novices will find the tips helpful.