Madhuri Dixit Shares A Rare Childhood Picture With Sister That Shows Of Their Uncanny Resemblance

Amidst the lockdown, everyone is reminiscing the good old days and Bollywood actress, Madhuri Dixit also took a journey down the memory lane and shared an unseen picture with her sister.


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Madhuri Dixit Shares A Rare Childhood Picture With Sister That Shows Of Their Uncanny Resemblance

The COVID-19 outbreak has pressed an unexpected pause to our regular life. In India, it all started in the middle of March when schools were shut abruptly in order to maintain social distancing and keep the children safe. Then came the Janta Curfew, followed by the news of a complete lockdown for 21 days which got extended to over a month. We are still locked inside our homes because of the 'stay at home' orders. In this difficult time, it has become even more important to stay positive and accept the hasty pause. This pandemic has made us realise to value little things and inseparable bond with our family. (Recommend Read: Karan Johar Talks About Keeping His Twins, Yash And Roohi Away From Falling Into Stereotypes)

Amidst the quarantine, everyone is trying to keep themselves busy. While some are exploring their hidden talents, the others are taking a journey down the memory lane and remembering the innocent time spend with our closed ones. After all, we got so busy to come first in the rat race that a huge part of us was left behind. Hence, it is a perfect time to relive those memories. Bollywood actress, Madhuri Dixit also took a flashback journey to her childhood and shared a rare and unseen picture of the best time of her life.

On May 8, 2020, Madhuri took to her Instagram handle and shared a major throwback picture with her elder sister from the time when she had not made it a big name in the film industry. In the picture, we can see Madhuri and her sister performing Kathak dance on stage. The sister duo had worn matching white ensembles. From head-to-toe, they looked an exact replica of each other and it is definitely hard to distinguish who is who? Alongside the picture, Madhuri wrote, "This is one of my favourite memories that I have with my sister. We used to always take part in school competitions. Here's sharing a #MajorThrowback childhood memory with my favourite dance buddy. Let me know what what is your favourite childhood memory!P.s. Can you tell us apart?" Check it out below:

Madhuri Dixit Nene

In an old interview with the Savvy magazine, Madhuri had talked about how she had fallen in love with dance and her bond with her sisters. She had shared, "I am the youngest in the family and have three older siblings, and the age difference between me and my oldest sibling is 10 years. So I was literally the baby of the family. My sisters and I started learning kathak from a very young age. My mom’s artistic interests were passed down to us. She was interested in art, used to learn singing and wanted to learn dancing when she was growing up, but her times were very different. It was not considered good to learn dance, especially for a girl from a Maharashtrian family. In fact, it was a complete no-no; one was allowed to learn singing but not dancing. It was like you can become a Lata Mangeshkar, but you cannot dance." (Also Read: Nisha Rawal Slams Trolls Who Belly-Shamed Her By Asking If She's Pregnant, Proudly Flaunts Her Belly)

She had further added, "We used to live in Andheri in Mumbai and I did my schooling at the Divine Child High School. Later, I joined Parle College. Being the baby of the family, I was always overprotected. When I joined college, I did not even know how to travel by public transport as I had always travelled with my elder sister. Once, I travelled alone on a crowded bus and the conductor was right in front of the bus. So when my bus stop came, I got off without buying my ticket. To my luck, there was a TC standing right in front of me when I got off. I started crying and told him I could not get my ticket as the bus was crowded. He was understanding and let me go". (Don't Miss: Abhishek Shares A 1981 Video, When Big B Had Introduced Him And His Shweta 'Di' To The World)

Well, we cannot ignore but wonder how the Dixit sisters look so much alike! 

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