A Match Made In Heaven: Cute Love Story Of Television Actors Vivian Dsena And Vahbiz Dorabjee


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A Match Made In Heaven: Cute Love Story Of Television Actors Vivian Dsena And Vahbiz Dorabjee

Some people are immensely lucky as they find their soulmate in this huge world. Television actors, Vivian Dsena and Vahbiz Dorabjee are well, amongst those people. Their love is deep and their story is nothing less than a fairytale.

This much-in-love couple has never been apprehensive about declaring their love to the world at any point of time. Read with us a love story that you would want to be yours.

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Beginning of Love

For Vivian Dsena and Vahbiz Dorabjee, it has been a very sweet and simple journey. Vivian and Vahbiz first met each other during the shoot of their serial Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani, where Vivian played Abhay and Vahbiz played Panchi.

Vivian first saw Vahbiz in a very filmy style. Vivian recalls:

"It was drizzling and I bumped into Vahbiz, who smiled at me when we made an eye contact. That was the monsoon moment of my life. That moment created history as eventually we became friends from co-stars and fell in love."

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Vivian is a person who loves monsoon and this season brought him closer to the love of his life. Now, for him, the monsoon is incomplete without Vahbiz.

He gushes:

"I smell the sand when it is drizzling and eat corn watching the sea or the mountains and also have a cup of tea in my hand. The monsoon moment is incomplete without Vahbiz presence."

When the fandom of Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani was loving the pair of Piya and Abhay, Abhay was busy falling in love with Panchi. Eventually, Vahbiz also felt the connection towards Vivian and finally fell in love with him.

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The quiet engagement and wedding

As Vivian and Vahbiz have always been vocal about their relationship status, talks about their marriage were bound to happen. When everyone was eagerly waiting for them to announce their engagement, they surprised them by showing their wedding bands. Vivian and Vahbiz chose to exchange rings in a quiet manner.

Vahbiz explains:

"I always wanted it to be a quiet and close-knitted affair. Vivian and I are famous, but our families are not used to all the media attention. The engagement would not have been special with flashing cameras all around."

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Although it was an instantaneous and intimate affair, it was a rather elaborate event. They had mehendi and sangeet functions as well. This made many predict that it was a wedding and not an engagement party, but the couple cleared the doubts.

Vahbiz explained:

"I think we have started a new trend (laughs). There will be so many rituals during our wedding that we cannot enjoy each and every part of it. So, I purposely decided to have small functions such as mehendi and sangeet during our engagement. I know it’s funny but believe me, we had a blast.”

Vivian added:

"I completely agree with her. There will be no time once we decide to get married. So we utilized this moment to its fullest."

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Since it was a hush-hush event, the couple had to settle for readymade dresses. They were happy with them, though!

Vahbiz exclaimed:

"Everything happened quite fast, so we did not get time to design clothes. We got ready-made stuff. For mehendi, I bought a dress from Falguni and Shane, but I ended up wearing a beige and maroon Anarkali dress from Papaji (laughs). For the engagement, I wore a beautiful dress from Seasons. The dress was meant for me. People actually turned around and started looking at me (laughs)."

Vivian jumped in and said:

“Go on, Vahbiz…I won’t interrupt. I know girls can talk for hours when it comes to shopping (laughs). However, my clothes were designed by my designer Nitish Singh Chauhan. He is the person who makes me look good at different occasions, be it parties or award functions."

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The couple did not compromise on the rings. They did not want simple solitaires as they wanted their engagement rings to be special. They wanted unique designs, so they got them.

A lot of people from tely world attended the functions. Siddhant Karnick, Kishwer Merchant, Suyyash Rai, Tanvi Thakkar were a few of them. Manmeet and Harmeet of Meet Bros performed, dressed like the characters of the couple from their show.

On January 7, 2013, the couple tied the knot. The wedding of this couple was done in a traditional manner. Many celebs from the telly world came to bless the couple. Vahbiz wore a traditional red lehenga, while Vivian donned a golden and maroon sherwani. A grand reception followed the wedding!

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Life so far

This couple met on the sets, became good friends, fell in love and got married. We are sure many would envy this smooth sailing of this couple, but their sweet smiles are enough to smooth any grin. The couple shares a profound love for cats. They have two cats, Chocopie and Costa.

Vahbiz explains the names:

"My cat looked adorable and as chocolates are my biggest weakness, I decided to call her Chocopie. Costa owes his name to Vivian's love for coffee."

Vivian calls Vahbiz his lucky charm and attributes the calm of his personality to her. The much-in-love couple is always seen hand-in-hand on every event they attend.

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On the occasion of their second wedding anniversary, Vahbiz's words said it all:

"Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte..tere bina kya wajood mera… The word says it all. When we met 4 and a half years back we both knew it was meant to be and then effortlessly everything just fell in place like a fairytale. I just knew u were my destiny. Happppieeee 2nd Anniversary to us."

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Vivian and Vahbiz, or ViVah, as their fans call them, make a very adorable couple. Whenever you see them, you can feel the love. We hope they continue as strong as they are right now, and enjoy their life with each other.

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