Love Story Of The Sanjivani Doctors: Arjun Punj And Gurdeep Kohli


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Love Story Of The Sanjivani Doctors: Arjun Punj And Gurdeep Kohli

Opposites attract, but only those who are alike fall in love! This is the philosophy of the couple who charmed its way into the hearts of the Indian audience with their show, Sanjivani.

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Yes, this is the love story of silver screen's two cute doctors, Arjun Punj and Gurdeep Kohli. Their journey started with the show and is still running a happy course.

The love doctors

Arjun Punj And Gurdeep Kohli

Gurdeep and Arjun first met each other in 2002 for their show, Sanjivani. While Gurdeep was happy in the company of her friends from outside the entertainment industry, it was Arjun who fell for this pretty and reserved girl.

Arjun Punj And Gurdeep Kohli

From the awkward first scene where Gurdeep had to fall into Arjun’s arm, to going out for movies, Gurdeep and Arjun’s love story had a smooth run.

After work, they would often go out and that is when they realised that they are very similar. It was the similarities that brought them closer.

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Arjun Punj And Gurdeep Kohli

As Gurdeep recalls,

“We were working together and became good friends. We used to meet on the sets and talk about the industry, films and then we would end up going for a film. We got to know that we are so similar, our tastes are similar, the same kind of people, same kind of films. So, you know that the similarities are there and it happened. It is not that one particular day it happened. We just knew that we would be together.”

For Arjun, for whom it was love at first sight, it was Gurdeep’s compassion that touched his heart.

Arjun Punj And Gurdeep Kohli

Arjun gushed,

“She’s a lovely girl with a lot of compassion. She has a great family too. We are perfectly compatible.”

Since Gurdeep is someone who always associates love with marriage, she got the proposal on 28th June and that led the way to a new beginning for the love doctors!

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Arjun Punj And Gurdeep Kohli

The Punjabi wedding

Once Gurdeep and Arjun were sure that they wanted to take the plunge, they introduced their respective families to each other. They wanted their families to be completely involved because they feel that every love marriage should be arranged!

Arjun Punj And Gurdeep Kohli

Gurdeep iterated,

“Love but should be arranged because I believe that marriage is not between two people but arrange is between two families. So, love has to be approved and arranged by families.”

The wedding was a perfect blend of simplicity with some Punjabi dhamaal. The couple took the vows on 10th December 2006, amongst their families and friends.

The dancing doctors

Arjun Punj And Gurdeep Kohli

As a couple, Arjun and Gurdeep participated in a dance-based reality show, Nach Baliye 2. Their moves and chemistry were appreciated by the judges as well as their fans.

The song connection

Arjun Punj And Gurdeep Kohli

They started their journey with a song that was rustic and completely poles apart from their personalities.

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Gurdeep exclaimed,

“Our personalities do not identify with those in the song. We worked very hard at getting the expressions right. Getting the right amount of oomph was crucial for me and for Arjun; it had to be a full gusto performance.”

Arjun Punj And Gurdeep Kohli

They might have been apprehensive but their Jodi was liked by all and they went on to occupy the 7th position!

The lovely kids

Arjun Punj And Gurdeep Kohli

Arjun and Gurdeep welcomed a baby girl into their family on 24th March 2010. They named their daughter Meher. She became the bundle of joy for her parents.

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Arjun Punj And Gurdeep Kohli

They then, welcomed their second child, a boy, on 21st August 2015. Continuing with the ‘similar names for siblings’ trend, they named their son Mahir.

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With a picture perfect family, Arjun and Gurdeep are redefining love. With their mini stints together in shows like Diya Aur Bati Hum, they are redefining love for us. We hope that they stay blessed and happy.

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