'Kanta Laga' Fame Shefali, Earlier Married To Famous Music Director, Fell For Parag's Caring Nature


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'Kanta Laga' Fame Shefali, Earlier Married To Famous Music Director, Fell For Parag's Caring Nature

Shefali Zariwala and Parag Tyagi are two people who met by chance and united forever. Their love story is one of a kind and will make you believe in second chances. They don't only look gorgeous together but have an amazing love tale to tell. Be a part of their journey with us and read their awe-inspiring tale.

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Another half of the broken heart

Shefali and Parag

Shefali Zariwala earned an image for herself after featuring in the song, Kanta Laga. It was Parag who saw the real Shefali and fell in love with her. Her love for the family is what Parag loves the most. Extolling her, Parag said:

"Shefali is a sweetheart. When her music video was out, people had another image of her but she is completely the opposite of her screen image. She is a girl any guy would love to have as a wife. She is very caring and it shows. To judge a person, you need to look into what is happening in his or her home. She loves her parents and looks after them like a son would. She also looks after my parents. I don’t have enough time to spend with them and but she is always in touch with them."

Shefali and Harmeet

For Shefali, the love journey was a little different. Since she had a failed first marriage with Harmeet Singh from Meet Brothers, she didn't want her heart to suffer again. This made her a little apprehensive before extending a hand of friendship towards Parag. They met through a common friend and though the two liked each other, they started dating after a while. It was Parag's caring nature, which drew Shefali towards him.

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Shefali and Parag

Commenting on their relationship, their friend said:

"The two met through common friends and developed a liking for each other. It's openly recently that they started dating each other. Shefali had come a long way from her broken marriage and looks she is ready to start afresh. Parag is very caring and the two make a good pair."

The dancing tale

Shefali and Parag

Shefali is an amazing dancer but Parag doesn't even know how to catch the beat. This did not keep this couple away from participating in Nach Baliye Season 5. Parag matched the footsteps of his baliye and their chemistry and sizzling performances were the highlight of the show. It was on this dance-based reality show where Parag confessed his love and his wish to marry Shefali.

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The peaceful wedding

Shefali and Parag

Shefali and Parag decided to get married in 2012. They wanted a lavish beach wedding for which they had booked the venue too. Unfortunately, Parag's father got a heart attack in 2012 and the couple had to push back their wedding.

Parag and Shefali

Throwing light on the sad incident, Parag said:

"Our wedding was fixed in Goa; we had booked the venue and made all arrangements but we had to postpone the wedding. My father had a heart attack in January 2012, and Shefali came with me to Ghaziabad for the first time. In June, he had a second attack. Shefali was there with my parents throughout and then brought them to Mumbai to look after them."

Shefali and Parag

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The universe kept throwing the ball at them and the two did not get to plan the wedding. Finally, they decided that it is the marriage that matters and not the grand celebrations. The couple finally settled for a court marriage on August 12, 2014.

Shefali and Parag

Shefali gushed:

"I and Parag had a court marriage yesterday. Parag had asked me to marry him this very day about three years back. Since my family is away in South Africa and his parents are in Delhi, it was practically just the two of us at the wedding. It was so sudden that we didn't even click pictures.”

Shefali and Parag

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Parag and Shefali are in a happy space right now. They are enjoying each other's company and Shefali is elated to have finally found a man who loves her to the moon and back. We hope that these two continue to fall in love with each other every passing day.

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