Dated For 10 And Married For 3 Years, Sarwar Ahuja And Aditi Sharma Are Just Perfect For Each Other


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Dated For 10 And Married For 3 Years, Sarwar Ahuja And Aditi Sharma Are Just Perfect For Each Other

When you are in love, you can stand the test of time. You feel comfortable in your own space and the idea of telling the whole world about how you feel, somehow, seems to fade away. All you can see is your partner. Isn’t this secure and satisfied phase wonderful?

Aditi and Sarwar are two people who were meant to be together. They participated in Zee Cinestar Ki Khoj in 2004 and though, they had different partners, they went on to win the show together. It was a sign of a beautiful journey ahead which you can read with us.

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The secret affair

Sarwar Ahuja and Aditi Sharma

Aditi and Sarwar first met each other on the sets of a talent show, Zee Cinestar Ki Khoj in 2004. They won the title and signed the contract for their first film, Khanna and Iyer, opposite each other. It did not take long for them to realise that they are perfect for each other and they started dating each other in 2004.

Sarwar Ahuja and Aditi Sharma

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Later on, the couple also starred in the movie, Kuch Khatta Kuch Meetha, which further strengthened their bond!

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Sarwar Ahuja and Aditi Sharma

Aditi and Sarwar have always been very tight-lipped about their relationship, but a close friend of theirs expressed how deeply they feel for each other. Their friend was quoted as saying: 

“They worked together for a long time and it’s obvious for feelings to emerge. Their close friends and family know about the relationship and vow on the depth and warmth the couple has between them. The couple tries to take time off from their busy work schedule and spend time with each other.”

Quiet wedding and a happy married life

Sarwar Ahuja and Aditi Sharma

Following the couple’s need of keeping things under wraps, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that no one in the industry knew that the couple had already tied the knot a long time ago! 

Sarwar Ahuja and Aditi Sharma

Yes, after ten long years of courtship, Aditi and Sarwar took the wedding plunge in June 2014.For the world, it might have come as a surprise but to their friends, the wedding was a sure thing. 

Sarwar Ahuja and Aditi Sharma

One of their friends expressed,

“They have been in a relationship for quite a long time and it was very evident that they will get married. The only hindrance was getting well settled in their career, which Sarwar and Aditi have managed to do with time. So it’s natural that they will marry soon.”

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Sarwar shared this image on Karva Chauth with the the sweetest caption for his wifey. 

Sarwar Ahuja and Aditi Sharma

His caption read: 

"Life insurance renewed.. happy karva chauth..@aditidevsharma"

Sarwar Ahuja and Aditi Sharma

Their partnership was loved by one and all and so, soon Sarwar was invited to be a part of the telly serial, ‘Ganga’, in which Aditi has already been playing the titular role. If you really want to see how much fun these two are having after getting married, you should have a look at Sarwar’s Instagram account!

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Sarwar Ahuja and Aditi Sharma

Looking at those photographers you will fall in love with them along with the idea of falling in love itself.

After a courtship of 10 long years, Aditi and Sarwar started their journey on the nuptial road and made it even more beautiful. They are enough for each other and this makes them look so perfect and complete. We hope that their bond keeps on getting stronger. Good Luck!

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