Musical Strings: Adorable Love Story Of Manasi Parekh And Parthiv Gohil


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Musical Strings: Adorable Love Story Of Manasi Parekh And Parthiv Gohil

She is an actress, she is a singer, she is a free-spirited woman and she is one of the kindest persons in our Indian television fraternity. We are talking about none other than Sumit Sambhal Lega actress, Manasi Parekh. And this pure soul found love in another pure soul named, Parthiv Gohil, who is a famous B-town singer and has given his voice for blockbuster movie, Devdas.

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It might be a surprise for many that Manasi is a married woman, but yes she gave her heart to this amazing guy. Little is known about their love life, so we thought of sharing it with you right here. Scroll down and see how they fell for each other!

Pehli Mulakaat

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Both these cuties first met on the sets of SaReGaMa that got aired on Alpha Gujarati. On this reality show, Parthiv was the anchor and Manasi was the contestant. The two clicked because of their passion for singing and love for music. Recalling their first impressions, in an interview with a leading daily, Parthiv was quoted as saying:

“We first met on the sets of SaReGaMa on Alpha Gujarati. I was the host and she, a contestant. What really struck me was that despite her education at an English-medium school in Mumbai, she could sing traditional Gujarati songs quite effortlessly. She was true to her roots and, at the same time, extremely vivacious. Manasi is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.”

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When Manasi asked about Parthiv’s first impression, she was quoted as saying:

“I had seen Parthiv on TV as the SaReGaMa mega finalist. For somebody with a small build, his voice had an incredible power that could hit you really hard. I found him quite adorable in person as well. Parthiv can win hearts with his positive attitude and cheerful outlook. Then, of course, with a voice like his, it wasn’t difficult to fall for him.”

Their First Date

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On dates, it’s usually girls who make boys wait (in some cases), but in the case of these two cuties, it was Parthiv who made Manasi wait and that too for one long hour. Yes that’s right! Hear it from the man himself:

“It wasn’t really a date as we were meeting to discuss a stage show. But since it was the first time that we were meeting alone, I was quite excited. We decided to meet at McDonald’s in Bandra but I was late by an hour. I thought she’d have left, but then I saw her… nose buried in a book… oblivious to the world around and waiting patiently. The date was beautiful.”

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And it’s very obvious that Manasi would have been mad on him, but she sort of surprised him by royally ignoring all his excuses. Recalling the day, Manasi, in that same interview, stated:

"Of course, I was fuming! Who wouldn’t be? Especially since it was our first date. But did I let him see it… No! I surprised him by not reacting to his excuses. But all that was erased easily once we started discussing music."

Love, Love And Lots Of Love

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In any relationship, one of the foremost things that make it keep going is nothing else than love. And this is what has made both Manasi and Parthiv no less than a ‘made for each other’ couple. They exchange gifts, they make each other feel special, they give compliments to one another and they put their heart to make each other feel happy.

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So, when they were asked about the most memorable gifts they have gifted each other so far. Manasi gushed:

"Parthiv is extremely thoughtful when it comes to gifts. When we got married, he made a Microsoft presentation of all the best moments of our four-year courtship. He also made handmade cards and wrapped them so beautifully that I was in tears by the time I finished reading everything."

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And Parthiv was quoted as saying:

"The most treasured gift is the Sony digital camera that she bought me out of her first salary. That was a very sweet gesture. I also love the little notes and letters that she posts around the house for me and the surprise meals that she prepares."

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They are all praises about each other. And when in the same interview the couple was asked about each other best quality, pat came Manasi’s reply:

“Parthiv’s resilience and sincerity. He came to Mumbai with practically nothing in hand and has created a life of integrity and success. He is a self-made man. And he has the right amount of sensitivity to be able to tune into my thoughts and feelings. He is also better organised than I am.”

On the other hand, Parthiv too had a lot to say on this note. To make it short and sweet, the singer stated:

“Manasi is a woman of incredible strength and self-respect. She is capable of going to any lengths to protect and nurture our relationship. Besides, she is quite mature for her age.”

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But this doesn’t mean that both of them don’t have annoying habits. So, in that same interview, these lovebirds also spilled the beans on their most annoying habit. And this too was filled with the sparkle of love. Parthiv was quoted as saying:

“Manasi is very moody. If she reads a romantic book, she will be all romantic. So when she gets angry or upset, it implies that she has just wrapped up a suspense thriller or a philosophical book!”

And Manasi on Parthiv’s annoying habit:

“Parthiv can get very stubborn. Since both of us are strong willed individuals, it gets difficult at times. But he also listens to the other perspective and that makes things easier.”

Wedding Vows

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Manasi and Parthiv tied the knot in the year 2008 and theirs were a hush-hush affair, which was graced by only some close pals and a few family members. In an interview earlier, when the two just got married, Manasi talked about the change that marriage has brought in her life:

“It may sound a little clichéd but living together 24 hours with someone is very different from dating the same guy. You have to be very strong-hearted to be able to deal with the challenges of marriage. I’ve learnt to overlook small and petty differences and just focus on the big picture because I have realised that after all, what matters the most is to be together, no matter what.”

On the same note, Parthiv was quoted as saying:

"Marriage has made me respect our companionship even more. The most important thing that marriage teaches you is that it’s not important to look at each other all the time. What’s more important is that we look in the same direction as a couple."

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The couple was blessed with a baby girl on November 28, 2016, and they named her Nirvi Gohil. This is Manasi and Parthiv’s first baby together and trust us, their little munchkin is way too adorable. Here have a look at her:

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What say guys? Can’t take your eyes off her, no? In fact, Parthiv is such a caring and loving husband that he took Manasi to London for their babymoon. In case you missed the story and pictures we shared with you, click here!

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So, this was all about the cutesy love tale of this very adorable pair, Manasi Parekh and Parthiv Gohil. We wish them both and their little apple of eye, Nirvi Gohil a life full of love and happiness.

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