Jimmy Used To Make Fun Of Priyanka, She Took Her Revenge By Marrying Him


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Jimmy Used To Make Fun Of Priyanka, She Took Her Revenge By Marrying Him

He is emotional as well as lazy too. Quite often, he is driven by his mood and that is why he may be seen either working with directors he is close to, or just be in his own world which revolves around his wife Priyanka and son Veer.  

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Meet the talented actor Jimmy Shergill, who despite ruling the hearts of female fans with a chocolaty boy image, has been a one-woman-man dedicated to wifey Priyanka Puri since 15 long years. Despite, earning critical acclaim for his skills on-screen and basking in limelight, he has chosen to maintain a low-key personal life and Priyanka is happily settled with him in this way. The duo makes an amazing couple and still shares a great chemistry in their 15-year-old marriage.

'Mohabbatein' effect on the Shergill couple

Jimmy's debut movie Mohabbatein attracted thousands of women, courtesy his princely charm. Interestingly, this movie was also instrumental in bringing love into the heart of Priyanka, who was his girlfriend then. Hailing from Delhi, she was a beauty pageant winner too. That movie released and it heralded new changes into their lives.

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Recollecting those days, Priyanka, shared:

“I told my father during the movie screening that he is the one I wanna get married to. So for both of us, Mohabbatein has been a very special and close-to-heart film. I have all the reasons to adore Mohabbatein."

Remembering how they met and how things followed, Jimmy shared:

“I met her through a friend at a wedding post Maachis in Delhi. She was working with her father, who was in the construction and interiors business.” 

Jimmy adds that she is the first girl with whom he fell in love with. When once asked, how it all started, Jimmy recollects how Priyanka wanted him to set up with her cousin's friend. He found her very humorous and in fact, no one had ever made him laugh the way she did.

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On a lighter note, he says,

“May be she thought I am laughing at her and decided to take the revenge by marrying me."

They dated for five years and got married in 2001.

Support system

Image Courtesy: Facebook
Image Courtesy: Facebook

Jimmy is a true family man and his world consists of his wife and 12-year-old son Veer. He is always there for them as the pillar of support. But he is equally sensitive too. Jimmy once expressed, 

“I am a very emotional person. I can cry easily. If I am shooting outside and if my wife just sends me a card from son Veer, I will start crying. Apart from Veer, the person I love the most is my wife Priyanka. I enjoy going back home after work just to be around in my secure environment with my wife and son there.” 

She is also the greatest critique of Jimmy and gives him unbiased, honest and straight opinion on his acting. Praising how sportive he is, she shares

"He takes it positively and we often discuss things. But trust me, we never had a difference of opinion." 

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The couple has always kept their relationship away from the limelight and they are extremely guarded about their personal life. There are hardly any pictures of their wedding, available on the web as it was completely a private affair. Till date, Priyanka avoids media completely and about this she says, 

"Nothing against anyone, but I like my life to be free from media glare. That's why I often stay away."

Mutual admiration

Priyanka finds Jimmy as a very caring and extremely understanding person and there is nothing that she doesn't like about him. Proud husband Jimmy has no less words of admiration for her, calling her a perfect housewife, he confesses, 

“I don't have to bother about anything at home, even though I am very particular about everything. She knows what I like and what I don't. She is my best friend and will remove my doubts immediately when I have them. I am quite moody. Now, she has got used to me and knows when something is bothering me and when I am lighter in the head.” 

What a great bonding! When Bollywood is having a bad phase of failure of long-standing-marriages, Jimmy and Priyanka are a perfect example to look upto. Five years of dating and now 15 years of marriage and still going strong. Touchwood, we wish them togetherness till eternity!

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