Hussain And Tina Dated For 9 Years Before Tying The Knot 12 Years Ago In A Hindu-Muslim Wedding


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Hussain And Tina Dated For 9 Years Before Tying The Knot 12 Years Ago In A Hindu-Muslim Wedding

They are a favourite among their television fans. They look adorable together. Their twinkling toes won many hearts and made them the best dancing jodi on Nach Baliye 2. Their love story is one that inspires many others. Yes, we are talking about Hussain and Tina Kuwajerwala.

This lovely couple has a very cute and romantic love story; love at first sight and a commitment of a lifetime. Read on to be a part of their journey.

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hussain tina

College love

Hussain, a Kurla boy, worked hard for his board exams as he wanted to take admission in a decent town-side college. As he had lost his father at a tender age, he wanted to do good for himself and his family without any help. He secured distinction marks and got into Jai Hind College, Mumbai. Hussain accepts that he was just an ordinary guy, who was not very passionate about anything except theatre. This self-confessed boring guy met his future wife, Tina, in their final year of college. Tina and Hussain had the same friend circle and one of their friends played cupid for them.

hussain kuwajerwala

As Hussain recalls:

"Once Tina and I were sitting on a bench along with a friend who all of a sudden uttered ‘Tina, Hussain loves you’. I was zapped and did not know how to react. It was not even the usual filmy trick where the guy asks his friends to help him. Both of us were taken aback but I guess my most beautiful moments started from there."

tina hussain

With Tina, Hussain felt at ease. Things were easy going between them. Even their friends were sure that one day they will tie the knot.

As Hussain says:

"My love life was pretty much set then on. Having a girlfriend in college, especially during our time, felt on top of the world! Everyone amongst our friends knew we would go a long way together and make it to the altar. Our union was very Bollywood, I must say. Everything was perfect and rosy, then. But, I realized I needed a career going! With Tina things were going steady and smooth and we both wanted this to be a serious, long-term and committed relationship."

hussain tina

And, from Tina's perspective:

"Both of us knew that we have found our soulmate in each other. Since we dated for many years, we also went through difficult phases. But at the end of it, we were so much in love with each other."

With Tina's support, Hussain started to be more serious about his acting career and began to land up various commercials. His career started building.

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Hindu-Muslim wedding

tina hussain

After a courtship of nine years, Tina and Hussain decided to see each other at the altar. Since they both belong to different religions, they had a wedding that incorporated the traditions of both the sides.

Unlike one would expect, their parents were very comfortable with the choices of their children and the wedding took place without any ‘drama'.

Hussain states:

"It was a Hindu-Muslim wedding and we expected fireworks in the beginning. Fortunately, everything went very smooth since our families were okay with our love and the marriage."

tina hussain

They have been married for more than ten years now, and going strong, touchwood!

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Tina's entry to the small screen

After being a part of an array of television shows, including Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Krishna Arjun and Kumkum, Hussain was offered to be a part of Nach Baliye season 2 alongside his real-life heroine, which he gladly accepted. Not only did they win this show and create many beautiful memories, they hosted its following season as well.

nach baliye tina hussain

Hussain and Tina are very grateful for Nach Baliye and this comes across fairly well through Hussain's words:

"Tina and I cherish every moment we had together and even till today play the tapes to just go back and re-live those fun, sweaty times! They were very tedious three months but simply amazing. And, they paid off thank you all! Tina was apprehensive about our chances of lasting in the show earlier. I never expected her to do well but she managed to stun me with her dedication! Nach.. gave her a chance to get a glimpse of this industry and make new friends. It helped her understand the demands of my profession better as well."

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Life so far

In 2014, Tina and Hussain bought a new apartment and the interiors were taken care of by Tina and one of their friends who is an architect. With the help of their friends, they decorated their apartment.

Hussain said:

"On the last day before renovation started, my close friends from the industry Rubina (Dilaik), Surveen (Chawla), Sharad and his wife Keerti (Kelkar), gave a surprise visit and gifted us a hammer. They hit the first hammer on the wall and wrote sweet messages for us."

tina hussain

Hussain and Tina got married ten years back, and when asked if the romance quotient has changed. Tina proudly exclaims

"It has been an eventful journey. I think we are developing into mature beings and we know that we are there for each other for the rest of our lives."

tina hussain

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Hussain is one of the most popular TV actors, especially amongst women. Although, there were times when Tina would be jealous of the female attention that he was getting, she tried to understand this factor of the industry. They supported each other through thick and thin; and are enjoying marital bliss. We wish them luck and hope that they always stay together and much in love!

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