When Laado Did Go To His Des: Adorable Love Story Of Aditya Redij And Natasha Sharma


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When Laado Did Go To His Des: Adorable Love Story Of Aditya Redij And Natasha Sharma

Love is a feeling so powerful that you just cannot hide it for very long. The glow and the blush that comes complementary with it, give you away. This is what happened to this couple whose love story we bring for you today.

This is the story of how ‘Siya’ and ‘Raghav’ fell in love with each other and how wonderful their entire journey has been. Yes, we are talking about the head-over-heels in love couple, Aditya Redij and Natasha Sharma.

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Reel to real

There is no denying that destiny has a huge role to play in our lives. Otherwise, how would have a Maratha mulga met a Punjabi kudi? Natasha and Aditya met for the first time on the sets of the Colors serial Na Aana Is Des Laado. Just like the huge difference in their heights, there was a difference in their backgrounds as well. But, this did not come in the way of their blossoming love.

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Their reel life chemistry started to influence the real one as well and they became good friends. They started understanding each other so well that Natasha even threw a surprise birthday party for her ‘just friend’.

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On Raghav’s surprise birthday party, Natasha expressed:

Yes I like to give surprises to my close friends and Aditya is one of the very close friends in Mumbai. Actually, he had no special plans for his birthday, but I decided to surprise him with a party and invited his family and close friends.

The couple never actually went on record about their relationship. They might have been tight-lipped about their involvement, but their mobile screen savers were shouting loud about their love for each other.

Hush-hush engagement, quite wedding

On April 29, 2012, the couple got engaged in the presence of their families. The event took place in New Delhi and was extremely close-knit.

On their engagement, Natasha said:

Our engagement took place in Delhi. And all this was planned within a week, so we weren’t able to invite our friends from Mumbai.

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Not only the engagement, the wedding of this lovely couple was a very intimate affair too. For a long time, nobody actually knew that these two have already built their love-nest. Well, we cannot blame them. When you are so much in love, you cannot see anyone else other than your partner.

Aditya denied that the wedding was a secret by saying:

It was not a secret but nobody asked us of when you are getting married. If I was asked a month back, I would have told you that we are tying the knot on this particular date.

Natasha asserted:

We keep our personal lives very personal. We do not like to go out of the way and tell each and every one that we are getting married. It's something between two people and marriage is a beautiful bond.

For the fans, it does not matter whether the wedding was a secret or not, they were more than happy to see them as husband and wife.

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The happily married life

It is a fact that marriage comes with some responsibilities, but this couple is enjoying those duties as well.

Natasha happily says:

It has become more beautiful and more responsibilities are added up now. Now it feels like you are living for another person and it's a great feeling. Aditya is also quite happy and respects me more as he says that 'Now we are married and I'll respect you even more'. I feel the mantras have added the magic in our relationship.

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Even Aditya has to say something about it but not just this; he has a special news as well. He excitedly says:

It's been a wonderful time for me and Natasha post marriage. Life has changed for good with it. We are thinking of starting a family.

That's amazing, isn't it?

And as a bonus, we also have for you some really cute pictures of the lovey-dovey couple, since their fans do not usually get to see many glimpses of their real life love story. So, here you go:

Gazing into the future:

Time for some rock 'n' roll:

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Let's go places:

Wakhra swag:

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Well, as their fans, we are not complaining about the fact that they hid things, as far as we get to see them mesmerised by each other. We cannot wait to see them become parents. All the very best to these cuties for their journey ahead.

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