Losing Weight Is Delicious: Eat Chocolates, Stay Slim

Losing Weight Is Delicious: Eat Chocolates, Stay Slim

You scowl at the layers of fat accumulated on your waist every time you look in the mirror. Yet, you can't help smacking on the mouthwatering chocolate truffle cake whenever you get a chance. Relax, you do not need to feel guilty and go into a fad diet regime to burn those calories that you have gained through the truffle treat. Actually, your sweet tooth can help you slim down. Baffled? Check out some interesting facts on how chocolate can help you burn the excess fat. 

What scientists say

Research scientists have unveiled an interesting theory on losing weight by consuming chocolate. According to a study conducted on thousand men and women, those who consumed chocolate more in a week were likely to depict lower ‘BMI or Body Mass Index’ than those who binged on less chocolate. Chocolate has the potential to attenuate the levels of fat accumulation in your body, thus neutralizing the very calories that you get when munching on the chocolate bar. The chemical content in Cocoa, Epicatechin accentuates the level of metabolism by augmenting Mitochondria.

Indulge in a chocolaty breakfast 

Think of a breakfast comprising toasts, eggs, milk and a cupful of delicious chocolate pudding or an ambrosial chocolate cake. Researchers say a breakfast brimming with carbohydrates, proteins and dairy product in a balanced amount contributing to 600 calories including a piece of chocolate dessert can actually help you boost your metabolism and thus lose weight. Of course, this does not mean you can go on eating as much chocolate as much as you like. Just add a small amount of chocolate to your platter.

Pamper yourself and cut the calories

  • Get hold of dark chocolate of the best quality: The purer the chocolate, the more advantages you get out of your chocolaty diet. So why not lay your hands on the purest one? Darkchocolate bestows you with lots of benefits. As a great antioxidant it helps boosting your body’s cell regeneration, preventing decay and not to forget its role in attenuating your blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin sensitivity and others. This does not mean you need to depend on plain chocolate. You can get a cauldron of dark chocolate varieties at boutique stores.
  • Indulge in limits: You can ask your nutritionist how much you can have withouthaving contradictory effects on your diet. Usually, one or two pieces of dark chocolateevery time you treat yourself after a meal is not detrimental. Be determined to stick to the amount you have decided for yourself.
  • Diversify your intake: How about pampering yourself with a variety of chocolate treats? Make chocolate drinks that have low sugar content or strew some sugar-free cocoa in your glass of milk or raw fruits and savor some hot chocolate for the ultimate dessert. 

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